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  3. I hate windows 10 and thinking about going back to win 7.

User Info: ThePHiLsTeR

1 month ago#1
I hate windows 10 because of their shady secret automatic updates.

If I go back to win 7, is there anything I'm going to regret?

Thanks in advance
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User Info: Velius_

1 month ago#2
No access to direct X 12 that I know of.

User Info: MarceloSampaio

1 month ago#3
I got back to 7 and I don't miss ANYTHING from 10.
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User Info: Orestes417

1 month ago#4
Get used to the idea of not having drivers for newer hardware.
When they ask how I died, tell them: still angry.

User Info: CutiePatooty462

1 month ago#5
Absolutely nothing, I still have a handful of builds with Windows 7, its still the best. - - - /// Qt462
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User Info: Rexdragon125

1 month ago#7
Windows 10 feels like one of those programming projects where management thought they could save money by firing all their experienced developers and churn through interns in their place

User Info: SinisterSlay

1 month ago#8
7 has only 1 year of support left. But if that's what you want?

Or just come to the realization that it doesn't matter, your computer and your data are now disposable at Microsoft whim. Don't like that? Go Linux.

I'm sorry but the only 2 companies in town are both terrible, Apple and Microsoft. If you don't want to be part of the problem and support them, then your only alternative is Linux. Good luck.
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User Info: Orestes417

1 month ago#9
Could always go with one of the BSDs... yeah, who are we kidding there.
When they ask how I died, tell them: still angry.

User Info: pyromania86

1 month ago#10
Well new hardware will eventually no support Win7 at all. There are countless things that you will lose not running Win10. Honestly once you setup 10 correctly it's by far the superior OS. But people can't deal with change.
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  3. I hate windows 10 and thinking about going back to win 7.
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