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  3. IS it just me? Or did Steam winter sale just suck this year?

User Info: DARQ MX

1 month ago#1
Maybe cause it was really lacking newer AAA games or just the prices aren't that good. Steam pretty much started Digital gaming or at least got it massively popular now they are being cheap on what they can sell.

I am sure this is a thing to come with such lackluster sales, I used to be so excited for the fall and winter sales on steam, you could get brand new AAA games that just came out a month ago for like $25 bucks...I'm sure the gaming companies have their price limits on what licenses they can give out but I been seeing more hard copies in gamestop have way better prices and sales more often than digital gaming as become. IF Xbox 365,720, 4k whatever and a half and ps5 go full out digital gaming what is that going to mean for steam in the long haul ?
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User Info: unknown_VS

1 month ago#2
What do you mean, was?

I'm still deciding to get SG/ZH and CG and Akiba's Trip, it better not be over yet!

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
1 month ago#3
Steam sales have been crap since like 2010, if not earlier. The final nail in the coffin was the refund system, which completely removed all the daily deals and flash sales, those were where you *actually* got good deals.

Now days, I mostly forget Steam even has sales, but I'll check them the first day when they launch, roll my eyes, look at my wish list and see if anything is remotely on a good sale, then sigh and go on.

Just set a price watch on Is there any deal and you'll get notified when games go on sale on legit (non grey market) sites

Steam gets utterly stomped as far as sales go, and has for years. It's almost never competitive with the other sites selling legit Steam keys
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User Info: ablerider

1 month ago#4
The prices have been the same for years now, it didn't suck more than last year... About AAA games, there wasn't much for PC this year.

User Info: Sirope

1 month ago#5
Idk, I just think my Steam library has literally everything I would want to play right now.

When I filtered by most popular, I had 90% of the games on the list.

User Info: Voidgolem

1 month ago#6
pretty solid deals on everything I was looking to pick up this year, idk.
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User Info: pipebomb_phil

1 month ago#8
Voidgolem posted...
pretty solid deals on everything I was looking to pick up this year, idk.

User Info: Requiem

1 month ago#9
This topic gets made every Summer/Winter sale.

I was afraid no one was going to make one this time, but thank goodness tc saved the day.

And, yes, the sales price generally suck compared to other stores for major titles.
But Steam carries games the many other stores don't bother with (or put on sale), so there's some goodness there.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

1 month ago#10
Seems like it's a lot better than the summer sale this year, probably half of my wishlist is 60% off or better, vs only a third of it being on sale at all this summer. That's not counting stuff I already have since I haven't looked at top sellers or anything but it seems fine to me based on my wish list alone. It's not as cheap as flash sales in the past but if I want a game the difference between 60% and 80% off doesn't really make a difference to me
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  3. IS it just me? Or did Steam winter sale just suck this year?
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