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  3. What determines if an Nvidia GPU gets a "Ti" version?

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
3 months ago#1
Is there going to be an RTX 2070 Ti?
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User Info: 32x2z

3 months ago#2
It needs titanium.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 months ago#3
Just needs to fall in between two existing skus generally, or be faster than an X80 on the high end (X80 has been an uncut medium sized die for a while, with the X80Ti being a cut down big chip, GP 104 and 102 for the 1080 and 1080ti respectively. That's what they did with the 900 series and what I assume they're doing with 20, though I haven't actually looked at the 20 series much since there's a 0% chance I'll buy one). It's all arbitrary though. Personally I think the 1060 6GB should have been the 1060ti with the 1060 3GB just being called the 1060.
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User Info: QuestofChosen

3 months ago#4
A rtx 2070 ti will come out If Nvidia needs a new gpu to slot in between the existing 2070 and 2080. Otherwise Ti is now used whenever Nvidia doesn't want to add another number like RTX 2090 or GTX 1090.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 months ago#5
The X80Ti is just so that they can have a higher end product without pushing everything else down the stack. Started with the 780Ti, which came out after the 780, and was just a less cut down version of the chip at a higher price point.
The 1070Ti was introduced to compete with Vega64 because it sat between 1070 and 1080.
For the 560Ti, it was so they could have the 560 as the 560 and not the 550 or 560SE.
For 660Ti, it was just a continuation of that x60Ti brand.
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User Info: loader963

3 months ago#6
Used to be based on chip but I firmly believe no way it’s up to marketing.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

3 months ago#7
Solid Sonic posted...
Is there going to be an RTX 2070 Ti?


It's a mix of filling a market gap and chips that didn't pass all validation checks that gets parts disabled and rebranded. E.g. a 2080 GPU that has some faults can have those faulty parts disabled (and cut off if needed) l, then sold as a 2070 Ti.

Manufacturing doesn't create all perfect parts.
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User Info: Mr kitty

Mr kitty
3 months ago#8
It's a gimmick & hardly mean anything aside it's in between version. If you use brand name as reference it will confuse you more than actually looking at spec & chip name.

The 1080 & 1080Ti are completely different product. Different PCB & Chip.
The 1080 use a GP104 with 8 memory slot(256bit)
The 1080Ti use a GP102 with 11 memory slot(352bit) which is a cut down of a Titan XP(GP102 with 12 memory slot full use of the 384bit bus speed)

Although the 1070 & 1070Ti share the same PCB & chip design. Both use GP102 chip, but the 1070Ti is a slightly cut down version of the 1080, same bus speed but has cores disabled on 1070Ti.

Again with the 1050 & 1050Ti they both use the same PCB & chip design which point to that it's more a gimmick than anything else. They both use a GP107 & aren't from a cut down version or anything since the 1060 use the GP106. It use 4 memory slot(128bit) unlike the 1060 that use 6 memory slot(192bit). So technically the 1050Ti is the full version of the GP107, which is not a cut down version.
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