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  3. Are these ultrawide monitors even worth the price?

User Info: Terribletruth69

3 months ago#1
A 3840 x 1440 144hz 1ms ultrawide monitor goes for $700 to $1,000 easily.

Alternatively you can get a 43in 4k HDR 60hz TV for $300. Closer to $400 for 120ish hz. You literally get twice the screen size for half the price.

So are ultrawides even worth it? I'm not trying to bash either one. I was just shocked to see them going for almost $1000 when I have a $300 high quality tv hanging on the wall.

*This is all assuming they'll be used for gaming. Of course things like browsing the web won't work well on a massive screen.

User Info: Apex_Predator

3 months ago#2
They're totally worth it imo. The added real estate on the desktop is awesome. I find them to be a lot more immersive while gaming / watching certain movies as well. However, they aren't flawless. Some games do not support an ultrawide resolution so you will have to play with black bars on the sides. This is mostly older games and a few newer ones like Overwatch. Also, not every movie is displayed properly in 21:9 even though most movies are shot in that format. However, I think that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Highly recommended and you would be surprised, I think web browsing is even better with an UW.
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User Info: ein311

3 months ago#3
I bought a Dell U3415w for $550 at Staples when it went on clearance and I'm completely happy with it.

I do a lot of work on my computer and my Finance dept has the ugliest spreadsheets I've ever encountered, and the ultrawide real estate makes sorting through them much easier. Having no bezels to interrupt a really wide spreadsheet is nice.

Side-by-side windows are also nicer since I get plenty more real estate and there is less head turning involved compared to when I was using 3 16:9 monitors.
I still have 2 27" monitors flanked on either side of my ultrawide, but I can focus on a lot more stuff directly in front of me with this ultrawide.

It's pretty fun to game in ultrawide, as well.
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User Info: revolver

3 months ago#4
The high refresh rate is definitely worth it, you will never go back after that. Make sure it has gsync (or free sync if you're on amd cards) if you're spending that kind of money.

User Info: 32x2z

3 months ago#5
I like gaming in 21:9. Granted I went with the triple monitor setup, not ultrawide.
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User Info: HypnoCoosh

3 months ago#6
I'd say "lower prices are WORTH the wait"

"worth the price" just doesn't make sense.
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User Info: builder111

3 months ago#7
Playing on a tv is fine but the monitor will be much smoother with real low input lag.

User Info: TylerJ

3 months ago#8
They are not worth it at the prices you've cited in the OP, but they are worth it if the price is right.

I love having an Ultrawide. But it only cost me £50 more than a comparable regular monitor.

User Info: PhilOnDez

3 months ago#9
Terribletruth69 posted...
This is all assuming they'll be used for gaming. Of course things like browsing the web won't work well on a massive screen.

This is one of the best parts of it though. You can snap a browser window to each side of the screen and they're both still perfectly usable. Or you can have a browser window and work, chat, windowed game, or whatever on the side. It's not dissimilar to multiple monitors. You don't gain quite as much real estate as multiple monitors gives you, but it doesn't have nearly the footprint. My desk is a bit small as far as space for monitors goes, but it's almost like it was built for my ultrawide. I'm not sure I could fit a second monitor though, even if I dropped down to 21" ones, and I definitely wouldn't be able to have one centered if they did manage to fit.

You also don't have to pay nearly what you're listing. The specs you mentioned are high end, you can spend that much on a high end 16:9 monitor as well if you want. There's plenty of cheaper ones, I had a 100hz freesync one that I paid $550 for for a little while, and you can definitely go cheaper than that
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User Info: loader963

3 months ago#10
I had a love/hate relationship with mine, but it has spoiled me. It may be a fad, but I love 21:9 now and won’t voluntarily go back.
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