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  3. Can I install a GTX 650 TI 2G on a 240 power supply PC?

User Info: Blitz_kid_

3 months ago#1
Can I do it?
Playing Video Games is fun :D

User Info: GoIrish80

3 months ago#2
Look if you're a young kid, stop making so many topics. You should have just asked all the questions in the first one you made since they're all about the same things.

If you're not a young kid, you've got issues.

Either way, you're going on my ignore list.

And no. You can't.

User Info: xyntek

3 months ago#3
Blitz_kid_ posted...
Can I do it?

Do it, is perfectly fine to roast your PSU.
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User Info: Kokuei05

3 months ago#4
650ti is a 110W card, you'll need a 6 pin to make up the 75W's you get from the PCIe slot.

Go for a 750ti if you really have to buy low end. It's 60W so no additional power is required from the PSU and it's more likely to run the system fine assuming you're currently using a piece of s*** GPU atm.
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  3. Can I install a GTX 650 TI 2G on a 240 power supply PC?
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