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User Info: jake-sf

3 months ago#51
Sir_Meowcat_Esq posted...
I think it'll be the first SC/SE I don't buy asap, the lack of effort (Libra sounds great on paper, but then I caught a stream of it... meh) and money grubbering is disheartening... and frankly not a fan of some of the gameplay from beta either (too much mid match cinematic s*** really kills my mood). May be (is) my favorite fighting series, but I don't want to support such things.

Yet my willpower is failing me, I've been one click away from buying it several times now...

I mean, I've been following all the tournaments that have been played and high-level commentary about the game, and most of the heavy cinematic comes from the new reversal edge mechanic, which is a glorified-parry move that turns into a vertical attack that, if it connects, turns into a rock-paper-scissor sort of game.

The move is actually a bit of a newb trap so far. Bad players will use it when they don't know what to do but can still lose the rock-paper-scissor. Good players can easily sidestep it if you do it at the wrong time and punish you hard. And good players will prefer guard impact or movement instead of relying on reversal edge often.

Thats just my take so far, I never even played Soul Caliburs before. Other than that, its way faster paced than most fighting games and I love that about it.
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User Info: FFT-Fan

3 months ago#52
WhyWontHeFall posted...
Wait for the sale. I agree with your sentiments. The story is half ass and reversal edge / critical edge mini-movie spam every two seconds mid match are really defeating the whole point of these things.

Agreed, complete edition on $10 steam sale IMO. Or if I were on console I'd wait for it to be free on PS+ or Games with Gold.

User Info: VanderZoo

3 months ago#53
Where are all the reviews? Only IGN has put one up..

I also need digitalfoundry to tell me how it compares to the PS4 Pro version.

Because I still can't decide whether to get it for PC or PS4.

User Info: BMXJouster

3 months ago#54
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User Info: VanderZoo

3 months ago#55
BMXJouster posted...

No one has talked about performance on PC and PS4 Pro.

User Info: Triple_Aitch

3 months ago#56
Runs like a dream. At least on my machine

For reference:

AMD 8350
GTX 970
8 GB Ram
Running off 7200 RPM HDD

1080p Everything maxed with resolution scale at 125%

Holds a consistent 60fps the entire time fighting.

Only slight stutter is on the fight loading screen [when it shows the 2 models face to face]

Excellent experience and a lot of fun so far though. Only played through arcade a few tomes but excited to dive in more this weekend.
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User Info: seasloth21

3 months ago#57
Runs fine on mine but I’m thinking about returning it, I don’t care fore the single player stuff much and I feel like I’m not going to put the time in for online play.

Fun game but I feel like I should return it and wait for a sale.

User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
2 months ago#58
I change my vote to heck yes because 2b is a playable character.
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User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
2 months ago#59
I think the game is pretty fun, not sure why so many haters. It's a fighting game though, which makes me rage by default, so that part is not fun =l
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User Info: BootLoxes

2 months ago#60
2B got in so yeah I am buying it next paycheck. My answer has changed
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