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The Culling 1 going FTP + will be updated.

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User Info: OptimusRekt

3 months ago#1
In response to the backlash of The Culling 2, it seems a video game company may have actually learned a lesson in "listening to its fans". Not only are they refunding people who bought The Culling 2 and taking it off game stores, they are released the "day one" build of The Culling 1 this week sometime, aka the original version, free of charge and will keep that version available into the future. They will also resume work on the original game and when it's in a state they deem acceptable they will release it as a free to play game.

Video from the developer:

Now a game with potential that people actually liked can finally be revived :) Not sure if anybody really cares that much though. I always thought the game was more interesting than most other battle royale games though.

Now if only EA can learn something. A person can dream...
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