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1080p monitor recommendation for a GTX 970/2500k?

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User Info: Xialoh

3 months ago#1
Monitor's not for me - I'm using a GTX1080 and a 1440p monitor. Giving away my old computer to a relative, but my korean 1440p monitor is too much of a hassle (plus I don't like the 970's performance at that res much), so they're buying a new one. Thing is, I was never much into monitors before 1440p so I'm not 100% sure what to go for with 1080p and those specs...

Budget is somewhat flexible, though I'm guessing they don't want to exceed $250, but I'll look at more expensive stuff as well just in case, or for myself. Probably lower but we'll see. Personally would target 120hz/GSYNC/IPS, 27in. But then I know there's that refresh rate too, and some of these things require compromise. And the likely budget probably removes GSYNC from consideration. Anyway, if anyone knows a good one for the parts in the title, thanks. I will be looking myself in the meantime.

Might also consider downgrading my own monitor, just to get a big performance boost. Could probably adjust to it easily enough >_>.
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