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User Info: heffley19

7 months ago#1
What has everyone bought so far on the Steam sale? I bought; Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2, and Stick Fight. I am surprised at how fun Stick Fight is with three other friends its a blast and worth the $3!!!
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User Info: cory1225

7 months ago#2
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User Info: wentzelot

7 months ago#3
what remains of edith finch - surprisingly really liked it. very powerful scenarios. over too short

little nightmares - also really liked it.. genuinely freaked me out but in a different way.. was like i was actually reliving my childhood nightmares. also over too short. saw there was some bonus dlc content but they're not on sale :/

redout - love, can't stop playing. probably my favorite racing game for single player content that i've ever played

thumper - i love racing games, love rhythm games, even like the band lightning bolt .. but did not enjoy the game.. refunded it

vanishing of ethan carter and soma - haven't played yet

User Info: Sashanan

7 months ago#4
Just Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. $15 wasn't a huge issue, but I'll take it for $6. Now to get around to playing it, time was the reason why it was still on the wishlist and not in the backlog. And that remains.
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User Info: Galcian

7 months ago#5
Victoria II - Seems pretty good; it has lots of details related to politics and imperialism. It kind of reminds me of a very advanced SimCity

User Info: Bekness

7 months ago#6
Nothing yet.

User Info: thelocalhentai

7 months ago#7
Original Sin 2
Warframe cheapy pack
Raft (gift)
Possibly Rust

User Info: loki00_00

7 months ago#8
I got screwed over with a bunch of extra expenses, and all I could afford this time was Senran Kagura Estival Versus.
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User Info: weaselcannon

7 months ago#9
Nothing....from Steam. The sales were better elsewhere for the games I was looking for. Namely AC:O
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User Info: r0xm2n

7 months ago#10
Sorcery Jokers (which I'm currently reading)

What I'll get later.....
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...... cause I want an even bigger visual novel backlog xD
This has been another (probably) uselessly informative post, by me. Booyah!
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