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  3. Valve slammed over "horrendous" Steam school-shooting game
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User Info: redline65

7 months ago#2

User Info: SpinKirby

7 months ago#3
I'd play it.
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User Info: SpinKirby

7 months ago#4
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User Info: oblique365

7 months ago#5
They would be crazy to allow this on steam yet remove sexy anime games... A fallout mod would be good enough.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

7 months ago#6
I would be extremely surprised if this got released.

However, I was always interested in SWAT games, and stopping an active school shooter would have made for an interesting level. I mean, it looks like budget SWAT, but still.
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User Info: kbe2k2

7 months ago#7
Media hasn't learned anything from Hatred, as far as the developer is concerned this is free publicity.

User Info: MasterPoker

7 months ago#8
Its violence, who cares, its not like we're depicting fictional characters with mild nudity. [/s]

Either you believe that games influence these sort of violent acts, or you don't. Other than being insensitive and likely a poor game in general, what makes this one cross the line?
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User Info: 32x2z

7 months ago#9
School shootings/shooters are/is a United States of America tradition.
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User Info: SpinKirby

7 months ago#10
American died in 2001.
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  3. Valve slammed over "horrendous" Steam school-shooting game
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