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User Info: blingbling078

5 months ago#1
Need to get a build similar tomxbox one x with gamers club unlocked ending Xbox games too expensive need to go to pc games for steam

User Info: Dr_Mowinckel

5 months ago#2
Fade2black001 posted...
LOL BS and learn to do math. 75% of 200 is 50

User Info: fallen_acolyte

5 months ago#3
Dr_Mowinckel posted...
PSN: Fallen_Acolyte XBL: Fallen Acolyte

User Info: Bleu_Skie

5 months ago#4
blingbling078 posted...
I need to get a build similar to my xbox one x. With gamers club unlocked ending, Xbox games are too expensive. I need to go to steam for cheaper games.


Since you didn't actually ask a question, my response would be:

fallen_acolyte posted...
Dr_Mowinckel posted...
It's important to know what the rules are first, so that, when you decide to break them, you can better judge the effect.
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