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User Info: gvamp

8 months ago#1
How often do you guys rebuild your rigs/do upgrades? I've been thinking about my rig and whether I should rebuild it or just do a minor upgrade too it. Its not bad by any means or slow yet well Windows 10 takes a bit to boot into but that's probably because I'm on a SATA HDD and not a SSD yet.

Here are my specs:

Intel Core i7 4790k @ stock speeds so 4.0Ghz
ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming Fatal1ty Z97X motherboard
16 GB of RAM (G.Skill Sniper Series DDR3 1866 *4 2GB modules*
Geforce Nvidia 1080
4TB WD Black HDD
Asus VG248QE 24" 1080p monitor
Logitech G510 Keyboard
Logitech G900 Mouse

So as you can see I don't have to bad of a rig. I think the next upgrade will be a SSD by the end of summer. Then next year I want to do a 4K monitor with HDR since they should be down in price as well as a new GPU that can do 4K.
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User Info: JKatarn

8 months ago#2
You have a $500-700 GPU on a 1080p monitor (personally I wouldn't shell out that much for a GPU and then stick to 1080p, but hey, your prerogative), people who spend that much on a GPU are in a tiny niche of the market....I'd say barring wanting to max 4K, you're fine for several years at least. Personally, I tend to upgrade every 5-7 years or so, most CPU iterations tend to be very incremental and have a very minimal impact, especially on largely GPU-bound games, and I'm willing to knock down settings as long as it's not too severe. I gamed on my factory overclocked 660 for almost 6 years, but then pragmatism is very rare on PCH, it tends to be populated by the 1-4% of the PC gaming market who love to spend hundreds more for that extra 5% performance.
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User Info: HeliosMagi

8 months ago#3
"Can your rig run the games and software you want to run at a level you find acceptable?" The time to upgrade is when the answer to that question is "No."
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User Info: the4thstooge

8 months ago#4
Got my rig for Christmas 2015 and have never upgraded.

i7 4790k
GTX 980 Ti (overclocked ?)
Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer
Liquid cooled

Runs all but a handful of games at max settings in 1440p 60 fps. Not planning to upgrade until there's a single card that can run 4K that well and I actually have a 4K monitor.
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User Info: Judgmenl

8 months ago#5
I like to get new GPUs each cycle and a new CPU when signfiicant changes are made to CPUs.

I am eagerly waiting for AMD/Nvidia's new cards so I can bench them.
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User Info: Boge

8 months ago#6
I get the urge usually around 3 years. My PC is pushing 4 years now and I've had the urge for a new video card for at least six months. Considering the 1100 series from Nvidia, but I really wish AMD would come out with something bar pushing, if you will. I don't like Nvidia anymore. I'm not sure I can wait until 2019 to see what Intel is going to do with GPUs.

I get encouraged to stick with my GPU when I watch my friend play the same games as me with his GTX660. It's not bad. He's usually playing medium setting at 1680x1050 at around 40fps I'd say. I'm still usually med-high settings at 60fps at 1080p, so I shouldn't be complaining. Graphics don't look THAT much different these days between medium and Ultra, so it would probably feel like a waste of money if I were to buy a new GPU for $500+ today.

It was easier to upgrade in past years as I was selling my latest machine to my mother so her grandkids could play on it. But her 3570K, 8GB RAM, and GTX670 isn't even being used to it's potential, so I don't see myself selling off my current machine to her and building a new one.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

8 months ago#7
HeliosMagi posted...
"Can your rig run the games and software you want to run at a level you find acceptable?" The time to upgrade is when the answer to that question is "No."


If you need to upgrade in order to perform an upgrade, then it's time for a rebuild.

User Info: -GhosT-

8 months ago#8
I was a poor student for a few years now, but I was well-informed on trends and hardware when I had the money to put on a PC back in the days.

So back in 2011~ish, I bought an i5 2500k, corresponding mobo, 16gb of DDR3 1600mhz, a small 160gb Intel SSD, and a 2tb hard drive. I coupled that with an AMD HD5970.

Since then, the only thing I upgraded on this PC is the graphics card. I bought a 290 3 years ago, and while it crapped out in 2 years, it had a lifetime warranty from XFX, and they replaced it with an XFX AMD 390 8gb vRAM.

I can play most games on Ultra at 1080p 60fps, with some dips left or right. The only thing I do is bring down Tesselation and Anti-aliasing, and sometimes drop the shadows to medium or low.

Still going strong with this PC, but while it's not showing any signs of aging, I have a feeling it might crap out anyday soon.

While I haven't felt the need to upgrade any of my hardware, I did splurge on peripherals and stuff. I now have a 1TB Crucial MX500 SSD as my main drive with Win10, and I bought a 3TB and a 6TB hard drive, both with huge caches and 7200rpm. I also have 3 24" monitors, a Logitech G502 Proteus mouse, and a Ducky Shine 6 RGB keyboard.

I'm also a prog rock/metal nerd so I needed some decent sound setup, so I'm using a Behringer UMC202HD audio interface in which I plug my guitar, and a Sennheiser HD579 headset that I plug in the audio out jack for sound. It does a decent job as a pre-amp, considering if I'm not careful with it and accidentally put all my sound at 100%, I'll just blow my eardrums out.

basically my peripherals and storage are worth more than my pc lol

To answer the question, frankly, I don't see the point in upgrading to a whole new chipset, new mobo, new RAM for some measly incremental FPS increase. I am the kind of guy who will save money to buy the BEST thing (quality/price withstanding) that I can get, IF I can afford to spend what seems like a little more money with some foresight, and end up enjoying my purchase infinitely more.

When I was broke, I would aim for a certain range of $ that I felt comfortable spending, and then decided for a product in that range, sometimes just waiting for a deal to sell me on it. Now that I can afford stuff, I look for something I want first, and then keep it in mind until I have lots of money to spend, and hopefully a sale will pop up meanwhile to convince me to buy it out.


I'm going out tomorrow to buy a Herman Miller Aeron chair (MSRP 800$) from a dude who's selling it for 200$. I spent months looking at 'office chairs' on Facebook Marketplace, and finally found this moron not realizing what he's selling. It's glorious.

Luckily I'm now financially stable with a decent programming job, so when that happens, I'll pony up for something incredible. I hope my CPU lasts long enough for Zen 2 to come out, and I hope I can scalp myself an 1180 when those come out.
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User Info: gvamp

8 months ago#9
Thanks for the answers guys. Like I said I'm pretty content with my rig other than the slow Windows boot time which I'm attributing to the install being on a 7200RPM HDD so I plan on getting the SSD by the end of summer or for sure by the end of this year.

I have thought about going to 1440p but with 4K monitors coming down in price I'll probably just wait for that and do a new Monitor/Video Card combo when the time is right.

As for the GPU I normally stick to the x70 series for Nvidia GPUs but I wanted something top of the line for once I've only had one top of the line graphics card and the rest have been mid range, I know that the 1080 is overkill for my 1080p monitor.

Oh I may upgrade my PSU soon too I have the XION Power Real XON-1100P14HE 1100W which is going on over 8 years now. Plus I'd like to have something modular for better cable management.

Another thing I'd like to get is a decent pair of headphones for gaming I did have the Logitech G930 head phones but wasn't impressed with them.
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User Info: -GhosT-

8 months ago#10
I imagine you use a microphone for gaming. My opinion is that you should buy a real audiophile headset from a reputable company, that focus on their sound quality, soundstage, sound equalizer and what not.

It's immediately noticeable when you wear a headset that is focused on sound quality. The problem with that, is that you will not get a microphone to go with it.

Now, the easy solution that was the way to go for the last 5 years, was to get a Sennheiser 598 with Open Back sound, which means you had no microphone. The cheap way to get around that was to crack open the headset, take off the 'locking mechanism' for the 2.5mm cable, and put in a Nokia AD52 adapter in there, then just plug a V-MODA Mic in that adapter, and enjoy terrific sound with a quality mic.

The problem is that Nokia stopped producing the AD52 adapter, and it's literally impossible to find now. An alternative is the Antlion Modmic, which is an even better microphone, but expect to pay 80$ for that, and it runs through an extra cord. Antlion do include a mesh pipe to group both cables together, but it's a little expensive overall.

I can't help you with this. I bought a Sennheiser HD579 and a V-MODA mic, and I had to shell out 40$ more to buy a set of Nokia headphones that had the adapter as an added accessory in the box, to make this setup work.

But you should probably not look into 'gaming' headsets if you want sound quality. The only exception to this rule would probably be the Kingston HyperX Cloud II. I f***ing loved that headset until my microphone jack stopped working on it.

If you're going on the cheap side, the Cloud II is the solution, and it will rain hellfire on the Logitech headsets, because it's so much better.

If you want to invest more, well... an Antlion Modmic seems like the only reasonable option for now. Until somebody produces a 3.5mm in / 2.5mm out / adapter for Sennheiser products again.
I'm A Man of Principles, Damn Near Invincible
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