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User Info: captsplatter_1

8 months ago#11
Monopoman posted...
It's the same reason a brand new car has a certain smell to it, these things maintain an odor when they are new for a while. s*** I play some collectible card games in real life, and when you open a pack of cards you can get a distinct odor if you smell them right away.

A smelly smell? A certain smelly smell?
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User Info: ZaruenKosai

8 months ago#12
wait, people are complaining about the smell of something being new.

first world problems.

you know in africa, peoples asses are falling out right now and your worried about your ass smelling like.... omg... an ass?
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User Info: KillerTruffle

8 months ago#13
I have this chair at work:

I've had it for a good 8 years now, and it's still just as comfortable as the day I got it. No warping of the mesh seat, no compression or obvious wear on the well-padded armrests, none of the joints have loosened up, nothing. For $250, it's an amazing chair. It does have some drawbacks - no adjustable lumbar, no way to limit how far back it tilts without locking the tilt angle in, etc., but it's still very comfortable and solid, and mine seems well made. I saw some complaints about armrests breaking off, being too lose and turning when you touch them, etc. I have had none of these problems, although I tend to not sit on the armrests or put serious weight on them - they're friggin' armrests. I also had no problems with the odor when I got mine. I've already more than gotten my (work's) money out of it.

For home, I got a Herman Miller Aeron open box for $500. It arrived obviously used, but still in good condition. I've seen reports that many of the open box Aerons look new. I wasn't so lucky. Still, it's comfortable, very adjustable, includes lumbar support, and I bought a headrest for mine that fits on perfectly and matches the chair to the point it looks like it belongs on it. I've been very happy with that one too. My one complaint on that one is that the armrests DO move too easily when you bump them, unlike my Quantum office chair.
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