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User Info: Jason_Hudson

10 months ago#21
Oh boy, I can't wait to go back to basic Sims to rebuy all the DLC again!

This is their cycle. They release the Sims, release a load of DLC at $40 a go, then move on to the next one that is just the basic Sims experience so that they can sell it to you again.

I don't even give a s*** about the Sims 4 at this point. Sims 3 did it right, though it's possibly the worst optimised game on PC.
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User Info: Requiem

10 months ago#22
I'm curious what direction they're going to go with Sim 5.
It'd be nice if they returned the scale of Sim 3 (although I doubt the technology has caught up to what the original vision was).
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User Info: NecroAether

10 months ago#23
It won't be, that was ruled out. They'll be announcing something Sims 4 related. EA let ALOT of Maxis employees go recently and is now hiring new staff for Maxis. Sorry but Sims 5 is WAY WAY WAY off. According to an ex simguru, Sims 5 has not even started development at all. This ex guru also stated EA plans to milk Sims 4 for as long as they can.
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User Info: vlado_e

10 months ago#24
NecroAether posted...
EA let ALOT of Maxis employees go recently and is now hiring new staff for Maxis

I didn't even know the studio was still alive. Albeit in name only. I was quite sure it was already dead. It has certainly been depicted as already dead
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User Info: GoIrish80

10 months ago#25
EA’s decision to overly inject Sims-like casual gameplay into games ruined 3 franchises.

And eventually The Sims itself.

User Info: __starsnostars

10 months ago#26
Sims 4 was garbage. For its time Sims 2 was probably the best although Sims 3 is my favourite but its held back to poor programming and technical issues.
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User Info: blacknight06

10 months ago#27
Cobra1010 posted...
f*** sims and its $300 dollar dlcs.

needs randomized loot boxes

User Info: Dunhilda

10 months ago#28
Cobra1010 posted...
f*** sims and its $300 dollar dlcs.


Sorry been playing a bit too much Sea of thieves.

User Info: thefabregas22

10 months ago#29
Cobra1010 posted...
f*** sims and its $300 dollar dlcs.

No no no no no. You rephrase that right f***ing now or I swear to christ I I'll shut that s*** down for you personally. "f*** Sims 4 and it's $300 dlcs."
You leave the previous games right the f*** alone.
Sims 3, 2 and 1 are all fantastic.

f*** Sims 4 though and unfortunately we will most likely have to say f*** Sims 5 considering I don't see a bright future for the franchise.
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User Info: Voxwik

10 months ago#30
Once upon a time The Sims got periodic collections including the base game and most expansions. Those days seem over.

My sister skipped The Sims 4 in part due to that.
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