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Question about R6 Siege redeeming

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User Info: Boywonder1

6 months ago#1
I bought the starter edition on STEAM awhile back(big regret. Starter edition is trash) and have been pondering about rebuying the standard edition. Lo and behold someone I know has a UPLAY code for standard edition. How do I go about redeeming this? Redeem as normal? What happens to the Steam tied key?
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User Info: Azezo

6 months ago#2
That's a rather odd case. However, if the key is for Uplay and not steam. I imagine you can redeem the standard edition and start that via U-play. However, I would not expect your previous progress to carry over in that case. Just starting with all the base operators unlocked, attachments and level one.
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User Info: johnny_pay

6 months ago#3
i did some reading, apparently uplay considers the steam version and the uplay version to be 2 seperate versions of the game. so you could theoretically use the uplay code and have both the steam starter edition and the uplay standard edition on your uplay account. you would have to start from the very beginning again though.

also from what i read, i lot people just recommended buying credits and paying for all the base operators as its meant to work out around the same price as just buying the standard edition outright, if not a tiny bit more expensive, like $5 more.
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