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User Info: Fade2black001

9 months ago#11
Herpes posted...
Lol, "you wouldn't notice something FIVE TIMES SLOWER than something else".


what a loon
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User Info: Jonbazookaboz

9 months ago#12
‘Pixel repsonse time is the ability of the pixel to switch from 1 gray to another gray. The difference between 1ms and 5ms is nothing to write home about. Most people will not be able to tell the difference. ... But input lag is basically never officially specced, where pixel response time is usually included.’

Textbook google answer

And ill take a brilliant bright ips panel with amazing colours and great contrast over a tn panel any day of the week.
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User Info: korky122

9 months ago#13
i have the asus pg279q. its freaking awesome. pricy though.

27" IPS gsync 5ms 165hz (with a simple overclock button turned on in the OSD)

User Info: Terantatek

9 months ago#14
i7 7700k @ 4.6ghz | Asus ROG Strix 1080TI OC | Ripjaws 16GB 3000mhz | Noctua NH-D15 | Asus Swift PG278QR

User Info: zhenghan

9 months ago#15
captsplatter_1 posted...
I got that dell one on sale. Its 144hz, but it overclocks to 180hz. No complaints. Sure its a TN panel, but meh.

don't you have the pg248q?
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User Info: TheRaging

9 months ago#16
The PG279Q gets my vote but I'm a biased owner.
Enthoo Elite | i9-7900X | Rampage VI Extreme | Dominator 32GB | EVGA 1080 Ti, ASUS 1050 Ti | 960 Pro 512GB, 840 Evo 250GBx2 | SuperNOVA 1200 P2 | PG279Q, MX27AQ

User Info: Murderinc89

9 months ago#17
So I'm looking into this Asus Swift PG278QR.. I've noticed there is a curved version.. is it nicer or is it better having the standard screen
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User Info: Murderinc89

9 months ago#19

User Info: ShadosAtPhoenix

9 months ago#20
PG279Q, no contest. IPS gsync 165hz is mind-blowing. I don't own one, but my significant other does and her desk is right next to mind, and I get to compare with mines...the PG279Q is just amazing. I also own a high-end colorimeter, and that monitor has really good color for it's category.

The PG278QR is a TN panel I think?
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