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  3. FALLOUT 4. vault build budget issue. and how do you upload a video to this site?


9 months ago#1
guys and gals i have built 5 different large vaults using the vault 88 dlc but my current build is not working out. in my current run through i built the atrium, clinic, part of the diner, overseers office, and a jail/security section i have added some clutter here and there using mods but nothing to big. i would like to upload a video of my current build but i dont see that option yet. i know there are exploits i can use like commands and mods for my issue but thought it was too weird to just ignore.

User Info: wanderz

9 months ago#2

to submit videos.. tho evidently you actually upload them to youtube first then submit them to gamefaqs / gamespot.

as for your fallout 4 question, you might wanna try the fallout 4 section instead... there are tricks to getting more build budget, like dropping and picking up or scrapping items, or mods that increase the budget or just completely remove the limit.. but i don't know the exact details.
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User Info: builder111

9 months ago#3
You can easily increase the build limits as well as max out inventory for building supplies if that is what u mean

User Info: Damaged7

9 months ago#4
That reminds me I never finished building my Vault. Took too long trying to get everything to look good, took a break and forgot about it.
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  3. FALLOUT 4. vault build budget issue. and how do you upload a video to this site?
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