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A post in G2A's favor.

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User Info: nominturddaddy

6 months ago#91
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User Info: Damaged7

6 months ago#92
Tyranius2 posted...
What misinformation is being spread? They turn a blind eye to illegitimate keys.

Well lets take a look at it then, we'll start with the fact that the very first sentence after you asked that... you continue to spread misinformation.

They don't turn a blind eye to illegitimate keys, if they are made aware of some they deal with it. You don't need to buy insurance or anything to get customer support or a refund if you did get a bad key. Hell, its not even the worst "grey market" key seller out there.

Again you guys don't have a problem with G2A, you have a problem with the free marketplace...something that is in no way shape or form unique to G2A. You attack it for having the same business practices every other business out there has.

And for most of you, the issue literally boils down to the fact that people who share your hobby pay less for it and you don't like that. If we didn't play video games and instead we were all foodies, would you attack Wal-Mart for selling cheaper food then the grociery store you go to? Judging from the behavior of some of you, yeah that's probably exactly what you'd do.
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  3. A post in G2A's favor.

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