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User Info: guvadc

9 months ago#1
Looking to upgrade my CPU from an I5 6500 to an I7 7700k. I have a GTX 1080 for my GPU and game strictly on my big screen tv doing a mix of 4k and 1440p depending on what my setup can handle.

Has anyone else done a similar upgrade and notice worth while improvements?

Also, I'm hoping this is a pretty easy upgrade as its just remove CPU and add new with cooler. Am I mistaken ? I got the firmware upgraded on my MOBO so that should be good I think , but I'm worried about windows 10 , will it complain about it?

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User Info: Fade2black001

9 months ago#3
I went from from a 3570k to an 8700 and I must say I don't notice much of a difference
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User Info: MasterFeeler

9 months ago#4
You really won't notice a big difference.
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User Info: Jonbazookaboz

9 months ago#5
imo its not gonna be a great jump in performance. However if u can do it cheap enough why not. If u intend to upgrade your 1080 in the future then an i7 would be better. I just wouldnt expect a jump in performance like u would get in a gpu upgrade
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User Info: godplaysSNES

9 months ago#6
4k makes everything GPU limited, but 1440p would see a notable performance increase depending on the game. Windows 10 wouldn't be an issue, that's just when changing motherboard.

I believe the worst case game for 4C/4T right now is Assassins Creed Origins
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User Info: guvadc

9 months ago#7
godplaysSNES posted...
I believe the worst case game for 4C/4T right now is Assassins Creed Origins

Played through it. I had some performance issues here and there like a lot of others ( Alexandria being worst offender ) , and one of the reasons I'm thinking of upgrading . Want to play new and upcoming open world games for awhile without worrying too much about my hardware and performance.

User Info: FoolsFolly

9 months ago#8
Windows 10 usually doesn't care about hardware changes. There is a small chance Windows won't recognize your PC after the change, and may say your Windows isn't genuine. But if you have a Microsoft account tied to your copy of Windows 10 then the fix is extremely quick and easy.
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