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User Info: solosnake

9 months ago#11
crusader kings
distant worlds universe

you just dont find the types of games i like the most on consoles
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User Info: rpgian

9 months ago#12
Speed. Loads/runs faster. So much faster.

Customization. I don't like the constant annoying sounds some sustained spell makes? I'll find it's sound file and delete it. I like the 360 controller. I'll use it. Feeling weird, I like the n64 controller. I'll use that with minor effort. Feeling really weird, I'll make an electric piano keyboard my controller. Intense effort for intense weirdness, but the auto tempo is worth it no?

Cheats. So you want 99 golden rat tails. Tell you what. I'll find two three, do a scan or two, make it 99, and finish that awful quest. You want me to drive this windy course in 40 seconds w/o taking damange. Ok...I'll speed hack it so the game is running at half speed so I can make it easy on myself with time god powers. It'll be a summer drive.
*Usually only cheat after some frustration, but it's a nice opt out and there is not a thing wrong with it in a SP game.

Those are the big 3, but there are dozens more.

User Info: captsplatter_1

9 months ago#13
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User Info: BurgundyX

9 months ago#14
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User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
9 months ago#15
Multiple monitors. Game on middle, irc to the left, television/movie/podcast/music to the right.

edit: p.s. controllers suck for aiming. wut! fight me bro.
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

9 months ago#16
1. More games on PC than any other platform
2. More genres on PC than any other platform
3. More control options on PC than any other platform

User Info: ArkonBlade

9 months ago#17
Higher FPS
Can choose my own Res
Cheaper games
Can use what type of controller or M&K i want to use
Best VR experience
Free online
More variety of games
Backwards compatability

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User Info: Trayvon

9 months ago#18
the fact I think I have outgrown games.

I still play but I can go months on end probably even a year or so without having interest in playing a game. so at least my machine will have a purpose during those periods. ie. to do regular computer stuff.

otherwise it would just be left there collecting dust and taking up space like what happened during the PSWii60 era

User Info: MasterPoker

9 months ago#19
Multitasking/Multiple Monitors

In most cases, a lasting library (don't buy Denuvo/SecuROM)

Less input lag

PC's indie scene is expanding rapidly, while the AA scene I liked on console died in the 360/PS3 generation, outside of some Wii titles. NES/Genesis/PS2/Wii were the highlights of the console scene for me, and I don't think anything like them are coming back.

I'm not paying per month to utilize my internet connection that I already pay for.

Kickstarter/Early Access is allowing players to influence the development of games being made.

There's something F2P for everybody, though I do miss the Korean MMOs of old :)
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User Info: somebadlemonade

9 months ago#20
I already have a gaming computer, and don't have any modern consoles or the money(I do but I'm trying to save it for better purposes)
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