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User Info: arleas

9 months ago#31
GTRagnarok posted...
can't wait to continue the story with Shenmue 3

This was one of the things I was hoping for as well. Supposedly you could continue your character from the first game into the 2nd but unless you imported the Japanese version of Shenmue 2 you didn't have that option. I kinda hope they'll allow you to carry it over into the 3rd game so it'll feel more like it's REALLY a continuation of the story.

BMXJouster posted...
Someone on Twitter that was invited to the SEGA event announced that the Shenmue Collection will retail at $29.99 for all U.S. versions (so Steam included I suppose).

That's not bad for both games.

The cranky hermit posted...
The whole point of a "remaster" is to improve the look - what else was going to be discussed here?

I think that's the issue. Not everyone would agree on what makes the game look better. If they're removing ALL FOG because they think it makes it look better, then they're forgetting that (as I said earlier) it can be atmospheric as well as something used to hide flaws. If the mood of the day is stormy and/or gloomy and they change it so that weather doesn't change the look of the game at all, then that's a step down in the look, not an improvement.

They should remaster the textures, rework the lighting and sounds, fix the polygons so they're not quite so jagged/stiff looking, but don't just remove fog because you think it wasn't supposed to be there.

In any case, hopefully someone can mod the game to make it look better WITHOUT sacrificing the atmosphere of a scene.

User Info: sfcalimari

9 months ago#32
Weren't they outdone in terms of realist quoitidien-ness by the Yakuza games?
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The cranky hermit 9 months ago#33
arleas posted...
I think that's the issue.

I was replying to the guy who said "it's sad that all you guys talk about is graphics." This is a topic about a remaster. Of course we're talking about its graphics. I wasn't trying to say I thought the fog shouldn't be there, or anything like that.

If the fog was meant to be there, then yeah, getting rid of it is an improvement that makes things worse, which has been pretty common in HD remasters. And that's quite sad - it shouldn't be hard to port over a 3D game and not screw it up. Anyone remember this?

They should remaster the textures,

You can't just "remaster" textures unless they have the original master texture files still lying around, which is historically unlikely. And I'd rather they just use the existing textures than try to remake them up to modern standards. The increased render resolution alone will improve the look of the game, as it does emulated already.
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