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  3. Disgaea 5 Complete coming to PC next month, weebs rejoice!

User Info: hardy3786

10 months ago#1

User Info: nominturddaddy

10 months ago#2
I gave it a go on PS4, meh.
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User Info: MarceloSampaio

10 months ago#3
I'll buy it.

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User Info: Sum_quod_eris

10 months ago#4
Finally. | |

User Info: ElDudorino

10 months ago#5
Wow, that's awesome. After like a year went by since the trademarking thing with no updates, I assumed they were just gonna release Disgaea 3 this year, then 4 the next, then Dimensions 2, then release Disgaea 5 in like 2021. This is great news since I don't intend to buy a PS4 or Switch any time soon.

User Info: ZeroCharge

10 months ago#6
Oh sweet I wasn't expecting 5 to come to steam for at least another few years! Will definitely give it a go on PC finally :)
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User Info: x_stevey_x

10 months ago#7
so sick. disgaea 1 remake incoming as well. 1 and 5 are the best so that's all you really need. d2 would be nice too

User Info: sonic_c_tail

10 months ago#8
was wondering why 3 was so late
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User Info: ElDudorino

10 months ago#10
I didn't know about a remake of D1 until now. I wonder what will be added?

Disgaea 1 had the best 'story' and characters (I say this never having played D5) but some stuff was a bit obnoxious like having to basically live in the Dark Assembly when reincarnating characters and since it was the first game it was missing a lot of features from the newer games and also had really unbalanced classes and weapons and stuff.

Personally I'd love if they added in all the more recent monster improvements like Magichange, INT weapons for monsters, and bouncing (monster throwing)... and if they added in Holy Dragons because they're awesome. It wouldn't even be game-breaking since it would basically just be putting monsters into a usable range since they were essentially useless in Disgaea 1 other than in cases where you captured a high-level monster to make up for not having your own high-level team.
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  3. Disgaea 5 Complete coming to PC next month, weebs rejoice!
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