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User Info: robobeeftic

10 months ago#1
I am going insane attempting to find a FPS or something of that sort that I can play offline, not as a team, not overly complicated (lol). Simply, I am in search of a game that has a solid story but also offers the sort of game play where I can just unleash mayhem with out all the cut scenes and yada yada. I remember games like Redneck Rampage, Doom, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Unreal, Quake, etc... If anyone can offer any recommendations, unfortunately, there is no reward available or any other sort of compensation other the gratification of assisting someone in duress over wanting to incite game based mayhem. Thank you kindly!

User Info: Pelaaja82

10 months ago#2
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User Info: baseketballr09

10 months ago#3
Far Cry 3
Titanfall 2
Shadow Warrior
Another One

User Info: Death_Born

10 months ago#4

User Info: robobeeftic

10 months ago#5
Awesome. I appreciate the quick response from everyone and I am looking into these titles as this is being typed.
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User Info: JKatarn

10 months ago#6
Doom 2016
Shadow Warrior
Wolfenstein II : The New Collossus (as long as you ignore the often cringe-worthy story elements)
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User Info: axes2t2

10 months ago#7
Look into Serious Sam.
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User Info: pipebomb_phil

10 months ago#8
DOOM (2016) - Currently on sale at humblebundle for $14.99

Ion Maiden - Powered by the Build Engine: the same engine that powered Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Red Neck Rampage, etc. It's currently an Early Access game. There's a preview campaign available right now. The full release will include the full campaign, more weapons, mod support, and multiplayer in planned. Since it is an early access game, you can also give the developers feedback.

Here's a trailer for Ion Maiden:

User Info: cory1225

10 months ago#9
Return to castle Wolfenstein, metro series, shadow warrior series, serious Sam series
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User Info: Szymaa

10 months ago#10
Definitely Serious Sam.

The story is weak but the action is well worth it.
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