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User Info: Kenny_Mayne

1 year ago#31
I wonder why there never was a quake srpg?
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User Info: Bleu_Skie

1 year ago#32
BewmHedshot posted...
I have absolutely no idea how they do it, but there are magicians on the internet who have made total conversions of FFT with different story and characters but the same battle mechanics maps and sprites, you might wanna look into those.

rom hacks? That well is pretty deep if you start looking. Some quality stuff.

syndicator posted...
is Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together any good..? its on the PsP

Yes (I was in the middle of playing it when my psp died so never finished it). You might want to give Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis a try as well. I enjoyed it.

arleas posted...
Disgaea is sorta like FFT but to me it seemed like most of the battles were pointless. I mean you could take just about any weapon and turn it into a dungeon which would increase the stats if you cleared several levels in it... but it got repetitive to me.

It is definitely a grindy game for the sake of being a grindy game. I kind of noped out of Disgaea D2 when I saw there was also a character world to grind through. I thought Disgaea 4 had a good mixture.... also giant monster swords are badass.
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User Info: Pelaaja82

1 year ago#33
There is also the Wild arms xf psp game with a class system. The game is hard, but i managed to complete it just fine.
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User Info: rpgian

1 year ago#34
srpgs? found the right person,adored them and miss that they barely make them anymore myself :) all of these can be had on pc one way or the other.

PSP- preconfig

-FFTWOTL- you likely been there done that eh? well the original game, psx has a ton of mods already on it's fansites. something to consider.

-Jeanne d arc (psp and fyi psp stuff emus like a dream,a very clean friendly ui, u don't gotta modify nothing hardly..maybe dl original system fonts is all)...I think it's a great one. The skills are very fun, has unique properties like transform and move again after killing/etc..story is demonic england invading france pretty much fantasy history.

-Wild arms XF also psp. It's ok. crap load of job variation and they can add benefit to another iirc. has a few horrible protect npc missions though.

-Tactics ogre. Oh yes!Oh yes!

-La pucelle Ragnarok - the only disgaea game I care for. You gotta download the translation for it and patch it in as iirc it was Japan only (ps2 = alternative but missing content)

-You might consider Generations of chaos, and some games called union something. they are different creatures though, and would only half rec. The growlanser series is also a hybrid (not tiles)..but it has MANY optional superbosses even at early game,some romance/sim stuff to boot. I used to love the series. it will range from ps2-psp.

SNES - preconfig (the dls are tiny and it also runs on a potato attached to a watch battery pretty much)

Bahamut Lagoon - can dl prepatched in english.
A few fire emblems, but ugly as sin.
Ogre battle

GC+ Wii- iirc preconfig..except MC/Controller.

(exiting the MB territory now and entering GB, runs great, it and wii share the best emulator called dolphin, you'll need to have your pad emulate classic for the easiest time..controllers can get weird if you don't)

Fire Emblem path of radiance - play this one prior to the wii one-gc

Fire Emblem Radiant dawn- wii

Gladius- this game is amazing, not an srpg but a gladiator manager. I used to love this game, it's worth a rec. regardless.

Ps2- varies, mostly smooth, but requires you to configure (pcsx2)

Eternal poison- difficult and likely rare to find, is unforgiving, very gothy, but hell I loved it. It's pretty unique, you can decide to recruit, consume, or convert everything you defeat. Many branching paths to take on srpg maps, that lead to different experiences unlock different povs,etc.. It's a one towner, but I loved it.

Arc the lad twilight of spirits- iz ok,shorter,bland, but if you like the series you could stand it.

Stella Deus

PS1- runs great, but must configure ever little thing,and may have weird display issues to sort out. epsxe generally.

Hoshigami - it's slow, iirc demands you confirm everything in triplicate move here, sure, ok?, atk here, sure, ok? finished with turn, sure?, ok? (wtf!) but good.

Arc the lad collection- 3 games. hybrids. mostly nice.

Brigandine- barely remember it.

Suikoden 1 and 2. Hybrid,only partly srpg for the big battles.

Vandal Hearts 1 and 2. I think the second rewards you for doing some sidequest stuff with a class that lets you use every single move including enemies/final boss in the game. Both fun and memorable, the reward at least!

3ds last I checked it still needs work citra, machine must be pretty food

Stella glow. It's weird,has silly imposed limits, fun as hell though. One dude and elemental singing chicks + regular chars.


Too many great indies to list,running out of typing steam. I'd plug Exit Fate as a scarcely known ultra indie if your into Suikoden. I actually liked it better than the real Suikodens, except for it's audio which unlike the original char. art was a pure rip that fit oddly.

User Info: DiviDude

1 year ago#35
rpgian posted...
Suikoden 1 and 2. Hybrid,only partly srpg for the big battles.

There's a Suikoden Tactics, you know. It's actually pretty good, too, fills in some of the story missing from Suikoden 4.

I'm not generally a big fan of the genre because there isn't enough stuff to do between the battles for me; before too long they start to feel kinda monotonous. Bahamut Lagoon is one game that I think does a really good job of giving you some other stuff to do (raising dragons) between battles.

User Info: rpgian

1 year ago#36
Oh yeah it was ps2. I stopped liking Suikoden after 1/2 though, so I can't comment on 3/4/5 too much (didn't like/finish them)

Speaking of battles there is a steam indie called Legrand Legacy..which is quite ok, that has a nice collection of grand srpg battles. Those were pretty fun.

User Info: Pelaaja82

1 year ago#37
Dont forget the Front mission games, Luminous arc games, Onimusha tactics and Legend of kartia.
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User Info: Monopoman

1 year ago#38
Disgaea games are great.
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User Info: dragon504

1 year ago#39
Valkyria Chronicles is good.

User Info: Pelaaja82

1 year ago#40
dragon504 posted...
Valkyria Chronicles is good.

It is amazing and the part 4 is coming pretty soon for ps4.
Pc: i7 6700k/980 ti/16gb ram and Ps4.
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