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User Info: TrulyEpicLawls

1 year ago#1
For example here's ones I've already played or know enough of. I'll bold my personal recommendations (some are on console):

Tachyon: The Fringe (old obscure game but a real solid sandboxer)
The X series (at least the first 3)
Red Faction Guerrilla (GTA on Mars with destructible environments)
No Man's Sky (marmite)
Independence War series
Star Control series
Starflight series
Elite series
Darkstar One

Sins of a Solar Empire series
Homeworld series
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Galactic Civilizations series
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

Space Combat
Rebel Galaxy (plays with pirate ship style combat)
Strike Suit Zero
Wing Commander series (feat. Christopher Walken, Mark Hamill and Gimli!)
Project Freedom (plays like Rogue Squadron, literally 50 cents)
Project Sylpheed
Star Trek Legacy

Point-And-Click/Graphic Adventure
Space Quest series
J.U.L.I.A. - Among The Stars

Dead Space
Alien Isolation

Mystery Talky Wachowski Simulator Of f***ery
Consortium (technically set in the upper atmosphere, but it's basically Star Trek with the concept of Life Is Strange set in The Matrix...)

Action RPG/Interspecies Man-Whore Simulator/Space Sci-Fi Fan's Wet Dream
Mass Effect series (Andromeda only if you're desperate for more Mass Effect but otherwise quite bland)

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth
Solar 2 (play as a body of mass with the goal of gobbling everything up until you cause The Big Crunch)
Universe Sandbox2
Zone of the Enders series (ROBOTS IIIIIN SPAAAAACE)
Starhawk (shooter)
Child of Eden (visual porn, successor to Rez)
Kerbal Space Program
The Turing Test

All the Star Wars (First 2 Battlefronts, Rogue Squadron series, KOTOR II, Republic Commando, Ep 1, Ep 3, Dark Force II, Force Unleashed, f***ing Monopoly, even Yoda Stories)

Walking Simulators
The Solus Project
Lifeless Planet (jumping simulator)

What else?
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User Info: ElDudorino

1 year ago#2
Master of Orion 1 and 2
Descent series
Privateer series

Do the X-COM games count if they start on Earth and then you run a final mission or set of missions on another planet?

User Info: fallen_acolyte

1 year ago#3
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User Info: ganondorf77

1 year ago#4
MMO Eve Online not even mentioned, probably the best of all, although not for everyone of course. Stellaris with the expansion is probably the best 4x strategy out there today. Upcoming Star Citizen might be greatest game ever or the worst, just need to wait some years more to find out.

User Info: Pitlord_Special

1 year ago#5
A few I played and enjoyed enough to beat

Star Trek 25th Anniversary, and sequel Judgment Rites
Point and click adventure that plays out in episodic scenarios (like the show) and has the original series cast as voice actors.

Alien Legacy
Strategy/Adventure hybrid. Captain of the second colony ship to arrive in a star system but the first ship and its colonists are nowhere to be found. Carry out your mission to colonize the system while exploring the planets for clues and evidence of what happened to the other ship

Star Wolves
Strategy RPG. Outfit a mercenary fighter squadron and their mothership and lead them through a series of missions. Plays like Homeworld where you have a perspective in 3d space and select and click your ships to direct them to targets. Has two sequels (that I never beat) that give up the linear mission model and its tighter progression for open world where you can fly system to system but kind of fall flat on the execution (imo)

User Info: vlado_e

1 year ago#6
TrulyEpicLawls posted...

I also loved it. I know there is a previous game called Starlancer but I've never tried it. You might have a look at it. I don't think there is a big connection between the two - as far as I know, it deals with the war that is mentioned in Freelancer and maybe some ships exist in both. I don't know how the gameplay is, though.
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User Info: 32x2z

1 year ago#7
Halo? I figured someone would of posted that by now.
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User Info: monkmith

1 year ago#8
star ruler 2. criminally overlooked. essentially a 4x/RTS hybrid, stellaris takes lots of its ideas from the game.

interesting points.

ship design, block based with no direct visual change in game but with statistical change under the hood.

economy, planets are built up by increasing resource trade form other planets. encourages colonization to keep getting more and more resources.

sifi kitchen sink experience. multiple FTL options (hyperdrive, jump drive, fling beacons, gates, or just no FTL at all). you can build planets, or dismantle them to build ringworlds. you can directly mine stars with a star forge (watch those, they'll eventually colapse the star...). you can build super fleets led by a super destroyer bigger then a planet, or just slap an engine to a planet and use that as your ship. you can blow up planets, super nova a star, or if you really want you can detonate a supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy.
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User Info: red_robin

1 year ago#9
Stellaris is great.

So is x rebirth

User Info: monkmith

1 year ago#10
red_robin posted...
Stellaris is great.

So is x rebirth

i'd be careful of stellaris for a while, changing expansion and cutting many of the FTL choices was a radical choice.
People die when they are killed.
Quando il gioco e finito, il re e il pedone vanno nella stessa scatola
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