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  3. Jim Sterling sure loves to yell about how much steam sucks

User Info: LaManoNeraII

9 months ago#51
Almost as much as he likes to beg for money for his Patreon


User Info: arleas

9 months ago#52
Well, it helps him keep his youtube ad free, which doesn't matter to me at all since I adblock anyway, but it's a nice gesture.

Also, he DID come up with the ingenious way to handle companies trying to monetize his videos by making them duke it out with each other... in other words, he would insert random 10 second clips that he knew would cause their algorithm to latch on and try to assume ownership, and then throw in some more clips from competing corporations and when they all try to assume ownership and monetize it, the end result is that nobody monetizes it.

gratuitous car analogy: It'd be like making sure nobody steals your car by making the car thieves fight to the death over who gets to steal it.

User Info: JKatarn

9 months ago#53
I'm not a huge fan of his schtick, but you would think more people would be applauding Sterling for calling the industry on their bulls***. Think of all the sponsored reviews from sites like Gamespot/IGN that pretty much gloss over all the flaws in a game/service, all the shady practices that have become accepted. He mainly reviews s***ty Steam games to call attention to the fact that there's a metric ton of s*** on Steam, and the vetting process for these games is extremely lenient/non-existent. There's very little oversight on Steam in general, and many many areas that could be improved upon, but they are by far the most popular DD client due to getting in early, so they have people (and their libraries) locked in, love just sucking their 30% cut, which has led to the current complacency.
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
9 months ago#54
NightMareBunny posted...
i can't seem to find anyone else who dedicates as much time to crapping all over steam as he does

Steam craps on itself.
There's definitely a middle ground between "Let everything on" and "Curate games to the point where good stuff never gets onto your store" like Steam used to be.

LaManoNeraII posted...
Almost as much as he likes to beg for money for his Patreon


Again...why do people who don't watch his stuff comment on his actions like they know anything?
Jim is notoriously bad at advertising his patreon. He's terrible at self promotion. He's always grateful for the people who donate but he's also grateful for people who watch his stuff and don't.

The fact patreon is his monthly income and allows him to do his job and pay people to help him do his job...why WOULDN'T he ask for money?
"Everything popular is wrong." - Oscar Wilde
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