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  3. Do you think that with the very high gpu prices at this time that those same..

User Info: JebronLames

1 year ago#1
.....guys that might've built a good gaming pc at this time might flock to consoles? maybe the x1x or the ps4 pro?
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User Info: DragonGirlYuki

1 year ago#2
Depends on what they want to play.

User Info: KillerTruffle

1 year ago#3
Unlikely, although some may pick up a console instead. I don't see any chance it'll be a "flock" though. There's a MUCH bigger game selection on PC even with the GPUs costing more, and there are still ways to get a decent GPU for a reasonable price.
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User Info: FFT-Fan

1 year ago#4
I'm curious to see how it'll look with the next GPU launch(GTX 1100/2000)

I happened to buy mine just before prices went way up and I do wonder if this situation will help my system last a lot longer. The way the prices are now, even if say 1160/2060 matches GTX 1080 it will cost at least as much as I paid if not probably more since I paid roughly $600 and I hear 1060s can cost as much $700. I'm very doubtful that the xx50 model will match 1080 since not even the 900 to 1000 series jump did that, I think 1050/1050 Ti are below the 980 in performance.

It seems likely that Pascal owners will have less reason to upgrade to Volta due to high prices. It seems right now like 1080/1080Ti owners will probably want to wait till the architecture that replaces Volta.

I might go PS5 if in the event that PS5 handily surpasses GTX 1080(Probably unlikely) all of the newer GPUs are still extremely expensive like any reasonable upgrade is going to cost $1000. I prefer PC by a wide margin but would consider PS5 if it greatly surpasses my system and costs stay as high or increase further like $3000 for system with midrange parts or ~$4000 for xx80 + current i7 + decent RAM. I would likely try to keep waiting and try going to 1080p if needed, though I think progression of games tech will slow down if prices will permanently stay extremely high as it's going to end up being only for a small audience.

I expect this PS5 scenario to only be likely if they wait till generation following the next for PC hardware and have PS4's generation be as long as the PS3.
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  3. Do you think that with the very high gpu prices at this time that those same..
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