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Reasons Why Fortnite is better than PUBG

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User Info: coldblade01

6 months ago#21
And I can give you reasons why fortnite is utterly garbage.. I cant get over why so many kids are hung up over these 2 games there are plenty of other online games out there people.. come on

reasons why fornite is shet(not saying PUBG is better, because I haven't experienced that game myself):

1: shotguns.. shotguns..., SHOTGUNS EVERYWHERE, "hi how you doin" bam 1-2 shot DEAD even with freakin shield. and somehow people have perfect aim while jumping around like a crazy dumbass.. right

2: building.. so.. boring.. "hey I see a guy -starts firing- -he puts up 54818518 walls- k fak that" yes.. I think its a creative type thing and maybe little fun IF UR EXPLORING OR building A DAM FORTRESS, but in combat? LOL yeah lets draw out these fights much longer with our metal walls of steel RUN AND BUILD!

3: the aim in this game... somehow I put the crosshairs straight on some people and it doesn't hit them(few freakin feet away from me) and other times it hits them straight on.. but with people ALL THEIR SHOTS hit.

4: mostly the overall cartoony look of the game makes me f***in cringe.

(experienced from ps4 pro, don't judge)

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
6 months ago#22
xenosaga123 posted...
so battle royale as H1Z1, PUBG and Fortnite BR has it, counts as its own genre.

Since apples are round and the Earth is also round, that must mean the Earth is an apple.

Is that what you're saying?
"Everything popular is wrong." - Oscar Wilde

User Info: LOLIAmAnAlt

6 months ago#23
CatsNeverDie posted...
1. Free to Play
2. You Don’t Need a Beast of a PC to Run Fortnite
3. Optimizations
4. PUBG’s Overly Expensive Loot Boxes
5. New Content and Features

1. A pay wall to a video game does not mean much.
2. PUBG has improved this quite a bit, but yes it takes less of a machine to run Fortnite.
3. IDK what this exactly means. Both companies work on optimizing their game.
4. This doesn't affect the game in anyway, it's cosmetic. A silly point.
5. Yeah and some of them you have to pay for...which negates the first point.

It comes down to which game you have more fun with.

I like the first person mode of PUBG so I gravitate to that game more often.
But I'll play Fortnite if I want a more arcadey experience, because it is also fun.

User Info: kobalobasileus

6 months ago#24
THE reason Fortnite is better than PUBG:

1. It has a solo/coop mode that isn't Battle Royale.
(message deleted)

User Info: dioxxys

6 months ago#26
GENERALJA0 posted...
GeminiX7 posted...
-CJF- posted...
I haven't played either game, but I fail to see why Free to Play is a good thing. If you aren't paying money to play they have to be getting money somehow?

Yeah, from cosmetics that don't affect gameplay.

There are plenty of articles and videos explaining why paying for cosmetics is just as bad as paying for gameplay.

I have no interest in fortnite but standing buy and saying one is okay and not the other is part of the problem.

Who cares if cosmetics cost money? They don't enhance the mechanics of the game. They need to make money somehow and without the free to play model, this game would not have nearly as massive of a population. Population is great for any multiplayer focused game and especially needed for this game since each match requires one hundred players. Also if you really enjoy the game, buying some cosmetics is akin to buying the game. And boy do these developers earn that money, the game is constantly hit with new content monthly, sometimes even multiple times. The multiplayer portion of the game really is finished despite being in early access, yet they keep pumping out content like that isnt nearly enough and its amazing.

User Info: PSP_H0mebrew

6 months ago#27
The building part of Fortnite turns me off of it, its just a pain in the ass how you can sneak up on a player and catch them in the open and they within a second erect the great wooden wall of china and be completely safe unless you waste your limited ammo shooting at it. Its not a bad game just not for me.
Japanese video games are trash.
Montreal Canadiens Fan

User Info: EpicKingdom_

6 months ago#28
CatsNeverDie posted...
1. Free to Play
2. You Don’t Need a Beast of a PC to Run Fortnite
3. Optimizations
4. PUBG’s Overly Expensive Loot Boxes
5. New Content and Features


User Info: iemerg_

6 months ago#29
CatsNeverDie posted...
There's is no doubt that Epic Games is doing great things to support their game which makes Fortnite's an ever improving experience. And its so much more fun to play than its competitors which is why we game.

Apart from that some reasons include;

1. Free to Play
2. You Don’t Need a Beast of a PC to Run Fortnite
3. Optimizations
4. PUBG’s Overly Expensive Loot Boxes
5. New Content and Features

For more details on the discussion:

1. Free to play doesn't =/= good.
2 .You don't need a beast of a PC to run PUBG either.
3. this is the same as 3 but reworded?
4. Who cares about loot boxes? dont buy them.
5. PUBG adds new maps and features monthly, what's your point?

fortnite is garbage compared to PUBG, only people who like fortnite are people who are too broke to buy pubg.
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User Info: Somato

6 months ago#30
Fortnite isn't free. The BR mode is free but the actual game is not free
Never forget, it's not Blizzard. It's Activision Blizzard
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