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PC gaming is still alive, but most genres that made PC gaming great are dying...

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(message deleted)

User Info: celebar

1 month ago#52
^lmao enjoy your vacation

Thanks mods 👍
thank you for reading my post
regards, celebar

User Info: SinisterSlay

1 month ago#53
Izicial posted...
SinisterSlay posted...
I feel like mmos are not dying. And LoL is an rts. And pugb is basically an arena shooter. So the three biggest games are in the 3 biggest genres.

MOBAs are not RTS games........

No but LoL is an RTS game. It's also a new genre, a MOBA.
Dota and LoL have their roots in RTS. Dota is literally a mod for an RTS.
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User Info: ElDudorino

1 month ago#54
League of Legends handles similarly to games like Warcraft 3 and it makes sense given that it is based on a WC3 map (DotA). But the "strategy" part usually refers to managing bases and an army, rather than a single unit. It's a bit generous to call LoL an RTS even if its controls are based on RTS games and it requires you to be strategic.

User Info: The_Undying_84

1 month ago#55
REALLY hate that MOBA's have replaced RTS's.

User Info: LaManoNeraII

4 weeks ago#56
LoL is not even remotely an RTS. What the hell is wrong with you people

User Info: mucloud

4 weeks ago#57
Like everything games evolve so do the styles of that said game.

Nothing lasts forever
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User Info: BannanaBomb2002

4 weeks ago#58
We're sitting on the 17th release of Skyrim and it will be nearly as long as between the gap of Morrowind and Skyrim before we maybe even get a new Elder Scrolls if that. Skyrim is lazy as f*** design as it is.

AAA Devs really couldn't give a f*** anymore and have gotten too big for themselves. Few companies take risks anymore or develop anything original due to financial risks. It's not just a problem with PC gaming as well. Maybe even Hollywood. Producers are dumb as f*** now and will milk the s*** out of a franchise until its in the grave.
(message deleted)

User Info: celebar

4 weeks ago#60
@yohabroha just saw your account's on probation lol ;[

Guess you better be careful for a while so you don't end up in purgatory haha lol ;[[😩😩😩
thank you for reading my post
regards, celebar
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  3. PC gaming is still alive, but most genres that made PC gaming great are dying...

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