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  3. PC gaming is still alive, but most genres that made PC gaming great are dying...

User Info: Dirk85UK

1 year ago#1
Point 'n' Click Adventure Games
Arena FPS

Now it's all about military style FPS and MOBA's.

User Info: Jonbazookaboz

1 year ago#2
Kinda agree.
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User Info: Canas_Renvall

1 year ago#3
It's funny, because even though I play a lot on PC, I never could get into most of those genres. The closest I'd get into were point-and-clicks.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

1 year ago#4
I feel like mmos are not dying. And LoL is an rts. And pugb is basically an arena shooter. So the three biggest games are in the 3 biggest genres.
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User Info: yohabroha

1 year ago#5
RTS is still alive and well and continues to perform greatly, not sure where you're getting that it's dying.

MMORPG also alive and well, its just the #1 game isn't an MMORPG like it was in WoW's prime.

Point n click has been consolized and it kinda sucks. I'm not really sure Point n click was a genre that made PC great, rather it was just a good genre that could only exist on PC.

Arena FPS is actually more alive right now than it was the last decade, but the comeback hasn't really happened due to more interest in military shooters as you suggested.
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User Info: ElDudorino

1 year ago#6
Sounds like you're pining for the late 90s and early 00s, which to be fair was a great time for gaming on both consoles and PC.

Nowadays I'm not sure we're lacking any genres but it's getting harder to sift through all the crap or so-so games and find the great ones.

User Info: WhyWontHeFall

1 year ago#7
None of these made PC gaming great.

What made and makes PC gaming great is the unlimited power at your disposal.

User Info: Boge

1 year ago#8
RTS - never liked them, unless they're very slow paced, like the old Castles game. But they always make them fast.
MMORPG - Enjoyed them, but my friends gave up on them and I won't play alone or with strangers.
Point 'n' Click Adventure Games - Eh...I'd always get stuck on some puzzle and then just get bored.
Arena FPS - Crap, crap, mega crap.

So aside from the MMORPG, which needs some major overhaul anyway, I'm not a fan of these games.

Turn based strategy is still big for me though. I wish we'd see more of these. You don't get many of these on consoles.
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User Info: LaManoNeraII

1 year ago#9
Total War is like the only RTS series that's still thriving. Blizzard is doing a good job supporting SC but where the hell is WC4? We'll probably never get an actual Warcraft product again.

Age of Empires 4 has me excited but it seems too good to be true

User Info: Hi C

Hi C
1 year ago#10
Genre's are dying in general on all platforms.
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