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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

1 year ago#11
says it's wireless on the page
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User Info: Fade2black001

1 year ago#12
iemerg_ posted...
southStarFist posted...
Im really looking into getting a PC. I never built a gaming PC before and I don't think im ready for all that right now. I found this desktop. What do you guys think of this strictly for gaming. Also, is it upgradeable/ future proof?

The 3470 is a weak CPU and if its purely gaming 8GB is not enough RAM.
I'd up your price to about $1000 and look for 16GB of ram and atleast a 6600K or 1700 processor.

Buy this:

add 8GB of ram and be done.

8GB is enough RAM
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User Info: zhenghan

1 year ago#13
Really bad for the price
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User Info: southStarFist

1 year ago#14
Ok, thanks guys I ended up getting the CyberPowerPC - Gamer Ultra from the best buy link provided.I should be getting it on the 28th. I guess im a PC gamer now?
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User Info: ClunkerSlim

1 year ago#15
Terantatek posted...
All PC's are upgradeable.

Um.... don't tell people that.

While it's technically true, some are more upgradable than others. Just ask the guy in the other thread who was going to have to duct tape his new PSU to the top of his case.
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