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User Info: Tyranius2

10 months ago#11
Yeah, all my friends play PUBG and it's annoying. I really can't like the game, you spend a ton of time looting only to get into a firefight and die. Just too slow paced and looks like s*** tbh.

I played Fortnite last night, it had been like 5 months since I last played or something, and I was blown away by how much better it looks compared to PUBG, the foliage moving and all that, especially when you're inside the storm.
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User Info: WaffIeElite

10 months ago#12
Nothing about region locking, game is still just "Find a scope and snipe", no interesting mechanics like trap-setting or weather. Meh.

Time played, 14 hours. Unlikely to change.
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User Info: DownSouth113

10 months ago#13
I played pubg before ended up getting a little old so I went to fortnite and it was alright for a bit but it also seemed a lot more casual compared to pubg which is fine but they brought in a battlepass which actually turned me away because you could choose not to get it but you would miss out on a lot of things that you would enjoy having I ended up trying it out and it was such a nonsense grind to the point that I refunded it and had to fight and fight with them to get the refund and I haven't played the game since as I don't wanna support a company that will try to hold money from me if I'm not happy with the product.... I am back to playing pubg but not a lot because battle royale doesn't have a lasting appeal... its good for quick matches and playing for a bit but eventually you get tired of it and have to play something else
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User Info: TheFeshPince

10 months ago#14
lol new emote system? holy s*** I've been out of this game so long, but that is dumb as f***... and like this is some huge improvement or even matters... | |

User Info: pipebomb_phil

10 months ago#15

User Info: dennis941012

10 months ago#16
What no mention of chinese overloading the server or hacker problems?
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User Info: johnny_pay

10 months ago#17
even though the game has gone "gold" everything about pubg still feels like its in early access.

User Info: LOLIAmAnAlt

10 months ago#18
4x4 will just be insane and probably really hard.
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