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  3. Do you usually play your pc games on a monitor or a tv?

User Info: syndicator

1 year ago#41
Both i got a 27 inch acer 1440p 144hz and a 48 inch samsung mu7000 4k hdr connected to my pc

User Info: rogerskg1979

1 year ago#42
65" TV

So much better than a tiny 20" monitor.

I'm not a competitive gamer and never play multiplayer, so I don't care about refresh rate or any of those kind of advantages that a monitor has. Playing on a LARGE screen is what matters to me.

Plus, another thing is that I have an office job so I am literally sitting at a desk for 40 hours every week already. I definitely do NOT want to come home and sit at another desk. That's the absolute last thing I want to do after a long day at work.

User Info: Venom3D

1 year ago#43
Depending on where I have my PC set up, a 25" 1080p monitor and a 20" 1200x1600 monitor, or a 65" 4K TV.

User Info: MasterPoker

1 year ago#44
Where's the "both at the same time" option?

I typically mirror games to my 1080p monitor and 4k TV. They're facing opposite directions, so it lets everyone in the room have a good view. I have a good rig and I don't play AAA stuff as a general rule, so running most games I play like this doesn't kill the frame rate.
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User Info: Somato

1 year ago#45
i have a 27" 165hz g-sync monitor

yeah i game on my monitor lol
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  3. Do you usually play your pc games on a monitor or a tv?
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