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User Info: wizardmon

1 year ago#11
Want good bass that isn't muddled? Contrary to what everyone here will say, something like that exists.

I honestly don't know why every headphones topic here is full of the flattest most boring sounding headsets to have ever been made.
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User Info: OrgeLambart

1 year ago#12
ROCCAT Kave XTD Gaming Headset and Syva In-Ear Headphones

I use this pair, have used them for almost 2 years at this point, zero issue, crystal clear sound, mad comfortable, and really affordable.

The only problem is they could be a little better at muffling outside sound..
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User Info: reincarnator07

1 year ago#13
I got the B&W P7 wireless and would highly recommend them. They have very powerful but controlled bass that never threatens to mask the mids or treble imo. They have great separation and passive noise cancellation. They even sound pretty good over bluetooth. The wired version is within your budget on Amazon.
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User Info: Silvererazor

1 year ago#14

They have everything you listed and they are pretty cheap. If you pay $30 more, you can get the version with active noisecan celling.
-extra bass, which you can adjust.
-good sound (for the price)
-good batterylife.
-you can use the wire, if you want to use a DAC+AMP.

They are not the best in any of those categories, but imho they are one of the few headphones, which have everything. I have 6 wireless headphones (f.e. Bose Q35 II) and I still finding myself using the 950 the most, if I want to use wireless.

User Info: Critcal50

1 year ago#15
A lot of people will recommend you buy a pair of headphones and a mic seperately, like me.

If you use Massdrop, they have the HD 6XX, which go for $200. Open back gives an amazing, immersive experience.

The headphones with Massdrop rebranding (The only difference between Massdrop and the originals are Massdrop introducing new visuals) go for $200, while the originals go for $300-400 often online.

As for the mic, I highly recommend the Blue Snowball Ice mic. Its $50, and sounds great.Especially, if you dont have a good soundcard that helps with static/background noise.

A lot of the communities favorite is the Modmic, which yes, does sound good. IF, you have a decent soundcard that does well with background noise. My onboard soundcard does a terrible job. So, the Blue mic does a great job because it comes with its own software. And, you can use it with any pairs of headphones or earphones.
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