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User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

1 year ago#1

In the Forgotten Gods expansion, you will journey beyond the bounds of the Erulan Empire, traversing burning sands, lush oases and volcanic wastes to reach the sun beaten ruins of a city with secrets that should never have been disturbed. The flames of a forgotten god have been rekindled, sending ripples through the Eldritch realm and sowing terror even among the Witch Gods themselves.

Along with quality of life features, you will pursue new powers, hundreds of new Unique items and Monster Infrequents and more! Battle dozens of new foes across new dungeons and a new gameplay mode which we’ll be discussing in detail in the coming months!

In short, Forgotten Gods will be another thrilling densely-packed addition to the critically acclaimed Grim Dawn and its first expansion, Ashes of Malmouth.

The best news of all though is that not only has work on this expansion already begun, it’s well underway. We expect Forgotten Gods to release in the second half of 2018!

We are very excited to share more details of what’s coming in the Forgotten Gods expansion, so be sure to stay tuned for future Grim Misadventures as we return to our regular bi-weekly update schedule.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Eager to learn more about the upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion? Check back on 03/19/2018 for our next development update!

- Hype! Seems like this and PoE are the only ARPGs nowadays that can stay relevant with updates. Can't wait to check out the new content, hopefully there's a new mastery or two?

- New gameplay mode sounds interesting, I wonder what it'll consist of.

User Info: solosnake

1 year ago#2
Wow, wasnt expecting another expansion, let alone so soon.

Although I wasnt really a fan of the last expansion. New classes were nice but I could have done without the extra two acts
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User Info: MasterPoker

1 year ago#3
Did they ever fix LAN support so it wasn't unstable with two players and literally unplayable with three/four? That's the main reason I bought Grim Dawn during its EA period, and it wasn't working even a year after release :/
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User Info: Voidgolem

1 year ago#4
all the good games are getting expansions this year. Next thing you know they're going to announce a followup to WotC.

User Info: Yadxov

1 year ago#5

User Info: PhazonReborn

1 year ago#6
This game is buggy and crashes my system to a black screen every time I quit it.

Even with the latest patches.
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User Info: SilentHawk29

1 year ago#7
Excellent news. I haven't played much since launch due to life and stuff in the way, so I haven't even played the first expansion yet. Will be fun to go through that and this new one when it comes out.
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User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

1 year ago#8
solosnake posted...
Wow, wasnt expecting another expansion, let alone so soon.

Same here, though it's great to know that Crate still cares about their game.

User Info: Fade2black001

1 year ago#9
They need to fix the multitude of bugs in the game before creating new content which adds more bugs
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User Info: Chaos_Missile

1 year ago#10
Huh....I'm still making my way through Ashes of Malmouth actually. Quite a brutal jump in difficulty overall.(goddam poison everywhere and I cant find many items to keep my resistance up. Then we have some bosses with that ridiculously OP skill Ugdenbog Fever which seems to give a -150% to all resistance)

PhazonReborn posted...
This game is buggy and crashes my system to a black screen every time I quit it.

Even with the latest patches.

Might be something wrong with your system.
8 - 10 different chanracters, 200+ hours here and not a single crash.
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