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User Info: KillerTruffle

9 months ago#31
ClunkerSlim posted...
I'm not sure how Swipe works. I was going by this comment...

You've been more successful than you realise. The total volume was over $32k, most of which they had withdrawn, there was only $240 or so ready to transfer to their bank account. But because you reversed all their historic payments, all the money they had already transferred out to their bank account is no longer theirs, so they have a MINUS figure on Stripe. This means that on its next payment run Stripe is going to CHARGE over $25k from the scam company owner's bank account!

This is remarkable, well done!

Swipe is kind of like Paypal - you link it to a bank account, but it's a separate entity and basically acts like an intermediate credit card for you and your payers. People pay into it, which gives you a credit you can transfer to your own bank, and if you refund someone, it creates a charge for you that you have to pay back from your own bank.

The kid himself said he had blocked the guy's bank account from his Swipe account so the $250 wouldn't process through (not sure that would actually work). What that would do though is potentially prevent that -$25000 from being charged against the bank, leaving Swipe to either foot the bill, or deny the refunds until the account is re-linked to the bank. And most scammers I don't think would re-link their account after seeing how much they owe.
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User Info: Galbias

9 months ago#32
Dragon Nexus posted...
Galbias posted...
good stuff

i've always been a fan of

Why do voices when doing a prank call? Are you trying to disguise yourself from the complete stranger who probably doesn't live within 1000 miles of you?

for fun

i don't like the idea of wasting the time of people trying to work at a legitimate business but if you're trying to scam people that goes out the window

watching someone trying to hold a conversation with only the sound clips they have available and occasionally the reactions is funny
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