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  3. When looking for headphones for gaming, what's important?

User Info: Nintendo_Porn

9 months ago#31
No, that's not some "bait". If I don't personally notice it, i damn sure won't pay that much for it. Hell, wouldn't drop that much for it even if i did, but i won't judge there. My motto: Don't pay for power you can't see...or int his case, "hear."

Cords have f***ed me a s*** load of times, my bluetooth devices have yet to. Right now using a simple usb, but want to stick a dual pci e wifibluetooth card in the computer soon. Even if it did die that's where having an option to insert in audio jack comes in. Better to have it, and not need it.

With proper care, charge batteries can stay healthy for a long ass time. Still have a DSI XL i got for christmas years doing 3 hours on a full charge, *Never replaced the charge pack) but i take good care of it. (Back to the hatred of cords) It's not if it's when with those god damn things...

Now, repairing the cord i never considered, but i'm vision impaired, and due to said hatred hard wires can just go to hell all together!

All that just convinces me further to stick to what works for ME, and sounds fine to ME. I wont put someone down for that 100 bucks for headphones, (enough of that goes on here) but like i said earlier, it better have all those features when i see that many for far less.

Not to topic high jack, but what's a decent dual pcie card in the 20$ range? Just some wifi and bluetooth to get the job done as my computer only uses a TP link to get online not being able to directly plug into the modem.
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User Info: LookANinja

9 months ago#32
I got sennheiser ath ad900x along with a mod mic. Got a cheap Xonar DGX sound card to go with them. I've got Sennheiser 598cs, but i want to try out and open back headset.

User Info: iemerg_

9 months ago#33
Ringo_88 posted...
As in, what features do I need to look for? I want to get good headphones in the 100-150 range. Something comfortable, very good sound and solid build.

I made a topic about it earlier, but now I want to know what do I need to actually look for?

Open Back, closed back? What do these things mean in relation to gaming?

Thanks in advance.

Open back, Wireless, Low Ohm Requirement (unless you have external driver like a DAC) , Go for Stereo over surround.
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User Info: Num13Roxas

9 months ago#34
Ringo_88 posted...
How is the Sennhesier Game Zero?

Since no one actually answered this,I have been using them for a little over a year now and they are great
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