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STAR CITIZEN is now an industry leader in corporate transparency.

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User Info: Rand_Aybara

7 months ago#51
arleas posted...
Nazanir posted...
Could they not have released a "base" game, and just add extra content as development continues?

If they did that, the people yelling "SCAM" would still be yelling it, this time saying "they took millions and millions of dollars and THIS is what they release?!". I agree though that it would make more sense to develop a base game and try to add to it as you go so that at least then you have an actual product to sell instead of selling ships that don't exist yet. It might be more difficult to do that (I don't know, I'm not a programmer) so maybe this is the easiest way from a programming standpoint.

Nazanir posted...
Instead the game keeps being stuck in development, but the devs keep asking for money for new things, in a game that has had it's release date pushed back consecutively a few years in a row now.

That's kind of the norm nowadays. This isn't unusual yet. It has been 7 years in development and there's a lot of games that have taken that long. TF2 was 9 years in development (but of course they scrapped the whole game and started over at least once during that time). I wouldn't be surprised if they took more than a decade to finish (SCAM!!) but I do think they'll finish it. It might be disappointing in the end, but I think they'll finish it.

But whatever... the people yelling SCAM are just going to keep doing that until it's released and then whatever the end result they'll say "I knew it".

Just about the only thing that would shut them up at this point would be if the game finally releases and becomes some major smash hit that everyone wants to play, but if it takes more than a decade to finish it'll suffer from Duke Nukem Forever syndrome. "Yeah it's an ok game, but it took so long I had higher expectations."

Anyway, that's all TC is here for: remind people that this game exists, do it in a way that will stir up the people yelling "SCAM" and do it in a way that will piss off the people who put money into it, and basically just be annoying.

It's actually been closer to 5 1/2 years in development. Full development started in late 2012 with ~12 people, the prototype was just something Chris Roberts and a couple artists and programmers threw together in several months. They are now at 475 employees apparently, which with the average salary of a game developer in the three countries they have offices would be ~$60-65k a year on the low end (~$85k in the US, ~$55k in the UK and Germany), so ~$28,500,000 to ~$31,000,000 a year. That is about what they bring in on average, but since they had fewer employees the first three years they might have enough to fund development for another year or so with no more income.

Sounds like one hell of a scam right? Barely breaking even, if they're even doing that

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  3. STAR CITIZEN is now an industry leader in corporate transparency.

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