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Can a GPU be rigged to 'block' mining?

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  3. Can a GPU be rigged to 'block' mining?

User Info: hitokiri13

7 months ago#11
gideond posted...
BehemothBlade posted...
I was curious if this was possible or not.

Maybe some loop implemented in the API bottlenecks hashes to be performed repeatedly, or some architecture at the silicon level negates mining hash functions, in a sense that it makes mining un economical. But it only 'affects' gaming at two orders of magnitude less.

The problem is that GPU mining is already not economical. GPU mining hasn't been viable since the early days of cryptocurrency, but people just refuse the get that through their heads. Anyone expecting to make real money is using ASICs and even then, with all the professional miners in the game these days you better have a warehouse full of ASICs if you expect to turn a good profit.

Lyra2rev is asic proof and so is Zcash's algo but huge issue is those miners pack into those coins that difficulty is too high. The worse blow to miners is we are seeing more non-mining coins like XRP, XLM, TRX and ADA. I'm starting to favor non-scam ICOs, masternode and coins like ADA, and XLM over mining.

The miners may run out of new coins to mine.

I been watching Nvidia stocks every day to get a good price to short at. Nvidia dropping from $248 isn't big enough and was cause by the flash crash.
Aut viam inveniam aut faciam. - Hannibal

User Info: LOLIAmAnAlt

7 months ago#12
I have a random question.

I have zero idea of how to mine, but if I were to turn my computer into a mining machine for say 1 there a chance, even in the slightest that I could find something?

Or do you NEED to mine for a certain amount of equations before finding anything.
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  3. Can a GPU be rigged to 'block' mining?

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