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  3. PUBG has reached 30 million copies sold on Steam.

User Info: Chilly0123

10 months ago#21
It was a fun game when it first came out back in March, but since then its gotten worse and worse. The only reason people are still playing it over Fortnite (the far superior game in every way), is because you can make real money selling crates on Steam. I paid $30 for the game on day 1 of early access, made around $50-60 off it, my only regret is not pre-ordering it for that player unknown crate that is worth over $1000 right now.

User Info: Glover33448

10 months ago#22
And yet I have 0 interest in it. Not sure why.
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User Info: Buddha1187

10 months ago#23
It's in a horrible state, has cheaters, is riddled with bugs, and whatever else you wanna say about it


it is a butt load of fun, especially with friends.

User Info: su27Chaos

10 months ago#24
30 million got scam for their money.

lol PUBG is a joke like Bitcoin.
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User Info: captsplatter_1

10 months ago#25
F0cu5 posted...
Man this battle royale thing seems to be catching on huh.

How were these concepts not done sooner? It seems so obvious. Was it just waiting for technology to catch up?

I think it was to shorten the play time of DayZ, since its essentially the same genre but quicker plays. That's what I get from it.
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  3. PUBG has reached 30 million copies sold on Steam.
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