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User Info: ab2c4

11 months ago#1
Does Oblivion and Far Cry 3 have any problems running on Windows 10?

User Info: ab2c4

11 months ago#2
Also, Crysis, Crysis 2, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Fallout 3 with expansions, Battlefield BC2? My son is getting into pc gaming and has started playing through my old games just wondering if they have problems with win10 or if I should install win7.

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Lonestar2000

11 months ago#3
All those games should run fine. Newer OSes only really have problems with pre-XP era games.
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User Info: ab2c4

11 months ago#4
Good to know, thanks for the info.

User Info: kobalobasileus

11 months ago#5
Lonestar2000 posted...
All those games should run fine. Newer OSes only really have problems with pre-XP era games.

And if you're trying to play a pre-XP era game, you're better off with a VM or the DOSbox emulator.

User Info: vlado_e

11 months ago#6
ab2c4 posted...
Fallout 3 with expansions

I'm playing Fallout: New Vegas which runs on basically the same engine and it works fine. The only issue with Windows 10 is if you have installed the New Vegas Stutter Remover (there is also a FO3 version, which is basically the same, anyway) - it will actually make the game crash because of the Fall Creators Update. It can be remedied by changing the settings for the Stutter Remover by disabling "Critical sections" and "Light critical sections", everything else will work fine.

Still, that's a rather specific problem with a third party addon for the game.
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User Info: k debonair

k debonair
11 months ago#7
I had some minor issues with the disk version of Oblivion that has securom.

Win10 doesn't allow securom to install, so it blocks Oblivion from running after installation. very simple fix for this.
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User Info: Marikhen

11 months ago#8
I only messed around with Windows 10 for a month, close to two years ago, and out of 120 or so games that I tested, I had issues with roughly 17 of them. Only two of those games had more than minor issues, however.

Most of the "minor" issue games were like Divine Divinity which required me to fiddle around with the compatibility settings and eventually set it to Windows 95/98. In this case this was odd since based on the UI and other aspects it looked like Divine Divinity used the exact same engine as Beyond Divinity, and Beyond Divinity ran "natively" (without compatibility tweaks of any sort) just fine under Windows 10.

Borderlands didn't have a compatibility issue per se, but I got two separate UAC message box pop-ups when I ran it making it so that either launching the game is irritating or I have to disable UAC, which I do anyway but it might be a concern for other gamers who have similar issues. Now I did recently consider the idea that the message boxes could have been caused by Steam installing libraries for Borderlands, but as I hadn't seen such popups when Steam did so with other games I don't think that that's particularly likely.

The only other "odd" compatibility issue was a Windows 7 game that wouldn't run "natively" under Windows 10 and had to be set to compatibility for 95/98. I wish I could remember the name of that game because it was funny as heck.

Blades of Time was one of the "more than minor" issue games as it simply did not have any audio whatsoever under Windows 10. None of the basic compatibility options did anything to fix that. I'll freely admit that I didn't look more deeply into the issue either as Blades of Time wasn't on my list of games likely to be played anytime soon.

Dragon Age: Origins was the other "more than minor" game, and if Blades of Time's lack of sound was a "serious" issue then the one I had with DA:O was "major." Dragon Age was, quite simply, unplayable. The game shut down within seconds of launching, every time and every way I launched it under Windows 10. None of the Windows compatibility options affected anything, none of the various game tweaks I tried changed anything, and even flushing Steam's cache and, later, reinstalling Steam had an effect on the matter. The best I could manage in the two days or so I spent trying to get Dragon Age: Origins working was for it to toss up a black screen before shutting down and sending me back to the launcher. That was actually pretty significant progress since normally I would click Play in the launcher, the launcher would terminate, and then the launcher would restart with no apparently execution of the game executable itself.

Having said all that, however, mileage varies. While there are enough people who had issues getting Dragon Age: Origins working under Windows 10 to create a few fairly populated topics on the matter it's pretty evident that most people did not have such issues.

Likewise I was running a fairly non-standard configuration at the time with a paired AMD HD6870 and a GTS 450, and in order to get hardware PhysX working on my GTS 450 I had to use a "hybrid PhysX" patch and the 314.22 drivers for the card, drivers that were released before Windows 8.1 had been released much less Windows 10.

On the flip side, games like Borderlands 2 and Sacred 2, games that utilized hardware PhysX and thus would have been utilizing both graphics cards and their respective drivers simultaneously, ran flawlessly under Windows 10 so the chances of it being just a hardware or driver conflict aren't necessarily the greatest.

I should also note that, at least initially, some Windows 95/98-era games that were prone to palette corruption, games such as Starcraft, Diablo, and Diablo 2, ran without said palette corruption under Windows 10. I sometimes see that (not) happen under Windows 7 as well, but perhaps Windows 10's setup prevents it completely.
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User Info: Cryptarch

11 months ago#9
Currently playing Bully Scholarship Edition on Steam and it crashes quite often at random intervals. At times I can play up to half an hour and suddenly it crashes, didn't save progress. Tried all the provided solutions from forums and none of them have worked.
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