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  3. Kingdoms of amalur reckoning, is any good?

User Info: monkmith

1 year ago#11
for $5, sure. its an ok game, but the plot is heavy handed and its obvious the writer was trying to tic all the high fantasy boxes.
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User Info: Darth_Kamcio

1 year ago#12
Plot/quest-wise it's kinda like MMO meets The Elder Scrolls. There are tons of mmo-like gather/fetch/kill sidequests (and hell, even gathering nodes sparkle like in WoW). There are fractions you can join that have their own plots like in TES.

The combat in KoA is great and very rewarding. It's action based with finishers and combos.The progression is done well - You can really feel the progress you make with your character (as a full mage late game you are basically a god) and you can multiclass between the three standard archetypes (rogue, warrior, mage) or specialize in any of them, each way with its own perks (for example, mages can perform a flash step instead of a combat roll, but rogue-mages can poison those they pass through during the flash step, at the price of distance if memory serves).

It's not some kind of masterpiece by any means, but I do highly recommend you try it out for yourself.
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User Info: Kinoringan

1 year ago#13
For the price, it's an ok game, the game reminds me so much of wow. Even my KoA wielding faeblades character resemble my wow character (night elf rogue dual wielding warglaive of azzinoth).

The combat is fun, but when you reach a certain level (which is easy thing to do), the game becomes super easy as your character is basically invincible. So some people suggest to ignore the numerous sides quests and just concentrate on main quest. Just so that the game remain a challenge.

User Info: Saibak

1 year ago#14
I can´t recommend it. It´s really fun in the beginning, when your character still faces some challenges during combat, but sooner than later you become so strong that pretty much everything becomes meaningless. As a warrior you become immortal due to insane damage reduction, and as a mage you summon a meteor and finish off the survivors (if there are any) with another big AoE. Boring.

User Info: maybecalls

1 year ago#15
I soon gave up on it. It's just.....crap.

User Info: MasterFeeler

1 year ago#16
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User Info: Ruppe21

1 year ago#17
On the higher difficulties that issue doesn't exist.
For the price it is now I would definitily pick it up, it's a big action rpg with a big world and lots of content.
Character building is also really fun.

They don't make games like these anymore, it's a great game imo.

User Info: KOTRwhoops

1 year ago#18
It's an odd game, it does very little wrong but is just a bit boring.
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User Info: Edavy89

1 year ago#19
jake-sf posted...
CursedPanther posted...
It has a wonderfully crafted world to explore

What happened to words? Don't they mean nothing no more?

"Wonderfully crafted"? Is graphics all that matters, because that world is boring as all hell.

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User Info: speedforce131

1 year ago#20
It's good initially but it's all in how you choose to play the game. If you go on a personal quest to finish all the quests in the game then you're going to end up unhappy with it. It's too monotonous, your gear gets too strong and you'll be able to explore all the playstyles due to your high level & loot choices.

It's best to play through the game with some side quests along the way while focusing on the main story. It's actually not a bad game at all if there's some challenge to be had.
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