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User Info: PhilOnDez

11 months ago#11
silvergokuZ posted...
I gave my parents a now 9 year old laptop (6 years old at the time) which I formatted with Win7 and it ran very well, during the win10 upgrade period it changed it to that, after that had same issues as now. My dad stopped using the laptop until I gave him a Win7 install disc at Christmas now its gone back to normal amounts of cpu and disk usage.

yeah, this one originally had windows 7 as well. I still have the disc I originally used to reinstall to get rid of the HP bloatware so I might put that back on it. I just hope the code still works after the upgrade to 10
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User Info: darkus_f

11 months ago#12
Go for the clean install. I have no idea why bloatware is installed on freaking celerons man. Ridiculous.

Worst case scenario, get Ubuntu on it.
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User Info: silvergokuZ

11 months ago#13
Yeah I was thinking of putting Win7 on just wasn't sure if driver support was there and means have to get a license for it.

The cpu usage seems to be endless updates or the antivirus or antimalware software, then windows store updates, by time I got rid of them idle usage was still about 20% but there always seemed to be something else wanting to update so it wasn't for long.
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User Info: Ciera

11 months ago#14
if you don't have a 7 key just pick a distro and go that route
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