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User Info: Somnium

1 year ago#11
wentzelot posted...
i'll go against people in here and say ultrawides are actually one the one time that curved is necessary

here's why

-ultrawides are really only worth it at 34 + inches ... when a screen is this wide the curve enhances the immersion and reduces neck turning

that being said i do not think ultrawides are worth it!

-at 34 + inches you ALSO need at least 1440 resolution imo

-so already you're looking at 34 inches, curved, and 1440 .... this is going to cost you a lot of money! also this will require more hardware power possibly requiring upgrades and more money

-it would be silly to invest all this money and effort into a display and not also capitalize on higher refresh rate.. also more money

-most games don't work natively in ultrawide ratio. and the ones that do still usually have bugs/glitches (alien isolation)

so basically you're investing a ton of money for a very specific need . when you find that one game where it works flawlessly it is pretty cool. but make sure the games you want to play will work before plopping down the dough. anything less than 34+ 1440 curved is a dud imo . you could spend less money on a normal 144hz 1440 monitor which will give you better performance for all games at less cost

edit- there is a place for smaller non curved ultrawides imo.. production. video editing etc . but most production benefits more from 2 monitors than an ultrawide IMO

also i would argue for any situation 4k is a better spending of money than ultrawide

It says the refresh rate is 144hz, 1ms MPRT, and the resolution is 3840 X 1080.

Is 3840 x 1080 not a good resolution?
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