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So, if your GPU fries, what do you do?

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User Info: MadMadMark

7 months ago#71
For the first time in 30 years of gaming I have also been wondering what to do about this issue.
Virtually all my GPU's that I have owned in the past have been replaced through requiring better hardware to keep up rather than having to replace a failed GPU.
I currently own a Titan Xp (not that I paid a lot but I did do an expensive favour) and I do have all the purchase details for warrenty but the way things are going this card could end up having to go way past its normal life cycle with me so is there a market out there that offers some sort of repair service for GPU's?
I would imagine that well over 95% of failed GPUs probably still have a perfectly good GPU cores and either thermal controls/soldering or memory is all that is needed for repairs in the vast majority of cases.
I would rather pay someone £250 to repair my card now than pay the extra £600 more than a new card is worth!

User Info: Nintendo_Porn

7 months ago#72
That's a good question. Seen people paid to recover data from dead HDDs, but that's it.
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User Info: revolver

7 months ago#73
Orestes417 posted...
I turn off the passthrough on my VMs and use that card temporarily.


That's awesome, I wanted to do a vfio passthrough. What's your setup and do you think it's worth the trouble?

User Info: Orestes417

7 months ago#74
Nothing special. fx8350 on an ASUS board with an RX480 for the *nix side of things and a spare GTX660 for the VMs. Mostly I just threw it together to play around with the tech a couple years back. Works pretty well after you get through the initial headache of setting everything up. Haven't gotten around to trying that new headless display tech though. It's on my list eventually.

As for being worth the trouble... really it comes down to this. How much is not rebooting to get between OSes worth to you and how interested are you in the underlying tech? If you want things to "just work" it's probably easier doing a normal dual boot. If you're a tinkerer like I am it's hours of fun just from the process of planning and implementing.

It's also worth noting that you can, supposedly, do pci passthrough on Windows now with hyper-v but I've yet to get into what's required or how exactly it all works. That'll probably be the adventure for the next time prices get sane enough for a toy machine.
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User Info: Nintendo_Porn

7 months ago#75
Don't think i get how that works.
N.P.C.C. (Nintendo Porn Company Conspiracy)
Truly Outrageous! The Truth Is Out There!

User Info: captsplatter_1

7 months ago#76
Knowing low stock if mine crapped out during the warranty, I'll see if I can't get one of the next gen GPU's.
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