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Pixel Metroidvania Iconoclasts released!

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User Info: Alisa

3 months ago#1

It looks AMAZING. I might even buy it this week. :D
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User Info: Ryzeki

3 months ago#2
thanks for the heads up. It does look good, I might dust off my vita.
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User Info: Chrono007

3 months ago#3
Looks really good...should I take a chance?
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User Info: ssringo

3 months ago#4
Put a couple hours into it today. The animation is smooth, characters are charming, controls are tight and responsive and the boss fights (so far) are unique and make good use of character abilities.

If you buy on Steam you'll know whether or not you want to keep the game long before your 2 hour refund limit is up.

User Info: KCGemini

3 months ago#5

*Adds to wishlist*
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User Info: SilentHawk29

3 months ago#6
Thanks. Played the beta of it years ago hoping it'd release some day.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 months ago#7
Great, I've been looking forward to this
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User Info: Vs1991

3 months ago#8
Wanted to buy it but it's $27. Kinda pricey for an indie game. Plus I already preordered Dragon Ball and Monster Hunter

User Info: XianCe

3 months ago#9
That's a game for my Switch.
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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
3 months ago#10
looks good.
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