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Hows Tyranny?

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User Info: Kinoringan

2 months ago#11
Terantatek posted...
Kinoringan posted...
Great game if you like being evil, the game is short though (40 hours++) but it has several walkthroughs.

How fun is it to be evil?

If the game is develop specifically for evil walkthrough like tyranny, nwn2 : mask of the betrayer or even pillars of eternity (cruel+aggressive), being evil can be extremely fun.

User Info: sherudons

2 months ago#12
Send the rebels a message attached to the lieutenant was one of the best evil choice I made...
Former Meepo Of Gfaq.
Official Techies of Gfaq, sometimes it is not enough to watch the world burn.

User Info: Djoser2000

2 months ago#13
I'm currently playing this one for the second time.

* HIGH replayability (four vastly different paths which vary much, dozens of outcomes)
* Very unique setting (the known world has been conquered by the evil empire except for some small peninsula and you (a "minor judge") are going to fix this
* Great Magic system (build your own spells, refine them, etc.)
* Choices matter (I've never seen this done so well - it's still not perfect but almost every choice alters something)
* Very well written

* Abrupt cliffhanger ending (I hope there will be a sequel)
* Text-heavy (one would expect this and it's no Torment-game but still: Some texts should have been tightened)
* little voice-work
* Not much variety enemy-wise (makes sense in terms of the lore (there are no dragons and such) but it's only like: Humans, Beastmen & Ghosts/Bane)

After the Disappointment with Torment: Tides of Numenera I was relieved that this game based on the Pillars engine was good, really good.
I'd give a 8,5 / 10

D:OS 2 > PoE / Tyranny > T: ToN

PS: There are some really gruesome moments in this game, if you want to.
Or some dilemmas like you kill some guy who deserved it and after the fight you find his sleeping child slowly waking up... I decided to suffocate it. Sounds harsh but living as an orphan in an war-torn land isn't better in my eyes.

User Info: ElDudorino

2 months ago#14
I actually found Tyranny rather light on the text considering the type of game it is. The other cons make sense, though.

User Info: Djoser2000

2 months ago#15
ElDudorino posted...
I actually found Tyranny rather light on the text considering the type of game it is. The other cons make sense, though.

You are right and I can bear it. But many people won't.
It's hard to do on an isometric cRPG but for the next gen of this games I'd wish for some more animations.
You know: Just some simply "the character turns around and is shocked to see you"-animation instead of four sentences describing it.

Tyranny does this somewhat right with the portraits being the zoomed in 3D-models instead of plain images. So you can see, f.e. a character crossing arms or scratching the head. But it's not fluid enough.
All in all it's still a minor thing.

PS: I forgot a nice Pro: There are mouse-overs for most important names/decisions/locations/characters, etc
So in case you ever forgot what XYZ means, you just hover over it and get a reminder. Some hidden messages are seen that way too.
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