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Do you use your printer much? Do you even have one?

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User Info: mizukage2

6 months ago#31
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User Info: arleas

6 months ago#32
I have a cheap laser printer and it does pretty good. I print out some documents that I need (shipping labels, insurance cards, tax forms, etc). I don't use it a bunch but it's nice to have and I wouldn't get rid of it just because I don't use it much.

If I didn't have it I might not have to buy a new one for a while, but eventually I would need one.

On a related subject, I've been thinking about getting a 3D printer. I probably won't use that every day either, but it'll be really cool to be able to print out a replacement knob or a custom handle for something, or maybe make my own VR "gun" to hold my vive controllers.

User Info: PhilOnDez

6 months ago#33
I have a printer/scanner combo. The scanner portion I use a few times a month usually. As far as printing goes, I print out all my tax stuff once I've filled it out to mail it in once a year, and I feel like I usually find one other thing to print out in a given year. I think last year I printed out a list of all the problems my monitor was having when I returned it since it was way too many to fit in the Amazon return ticket.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

6 months ago#34
I haven’t owned a printer in about 13 or 14 years. Only had one then because it came with my Pc when I bought it.

On the rare occasion I need some thing printed I just go to my parants and use theres. About the only thing I have ever printed in the last few years I can think of are blu Ray slip covers for ones I have bought from Redbox
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User Info: darkhouse999

6 months ago#35
I have a printer and use it every couple of months. When I do use it though, it is to print a lot of stuff all at once.
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User Info: SaiDucc

6 months ago#36
I use it daily. It depends on your job/career/business really......
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User Info: OUberLord

6 months ago#37
I maybe use mine once a year, and any more for scanning phone apps do just about as good of a job anyway. It pretty much only sticks around "just in case".

User Info: Kinoringan

6 months ago#38
I have a printer with scanning and copying function. I use it quite often for work and stuffs.
FinalFantasyForever 6 months ago#39
All the printers I've owned, with limited use, ink dries up in a matter of a month, and then prints in streaks, which I don't know how to get rid of, even with new ink cartridges. So I basically use the all-in-one for scanning documents to my computer. I go to the library down the street if I have to print something (5 free pages a day).
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User Info: Dirak

6 months ago#40
I bought a laser printer a year ago, tired of dry ink cartridges. I don't use it much, but it's a problem if you need one and don't have it. At least the toner is still ok after a year.
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