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My computer's overheating

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User Info: Borticus1

5 months ago#21
Like this one?
"Your superior intellects are no match for our puny weapons" - Kang

User Info: captsplatter_1

5 months ago#22
Fade2black001 posted...
captsplatter_1 posted...
Borticus1 posted...
Well at least I know what the problem is. I'll try reapplying the thermal paste and cleaning out the fan, and if that doesn't work I'll upgrade the CPU fan.

If that doesn't work you got to delid.

Whatever you do, DO NOT do this

I would have someone do it for me that is a professional at it. But ya.
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User Info: 32x2z

5 months ago#23
TC, that's the one I got in the link. Mine is black though I got it at micro center for 19.99 after rebate. This is in the USA. I keep my room temperature at 84 degrees normally (I grew up near the equator so I don't enjoy the cold) and my heatsink is always mildly warm at best even when I game. Make sure your case is big enough for it, this thing is quite large in my opinion. I measured it, it's 6 inches from the mounting to the top. Make sure you have clearance there's little metal copper things pointing out the top too. Also make sure it has the correct brackets for your LGA type whatever it may with the intel 4700 i7's.

Since you're new, I would say go with air cooling. AIO water cooling setups are not worth it in my opinion until you start to spend 120+ in USA dollars whatever that is where you are. I like AIO water cooling setups but air cooling is the best is you just want to leave your setup alone until you need to upgrade or clean it.
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User Info: Borticus1

5 months ago#24
Sounds like a plan. My case is really big, so it should be fine. I'll place the order.

Thanks to everyone for the help.
"Your superior intellects are no match for our puny weapons" - Kang
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