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Why do reviewers refuse to talk about the actual gameplay mechanics ever

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User Info: speedforce131

4 months ago#11
It's a bit complicated to explain. Gaming media hired journalists fresh out of school & those who didn't care or were involved in gaming in the first place. These "journalists" upended traditional game reviews and turned them into "pieces" that they write. It is more about making it presentable and sounding good, or hitting social justice to make it seem like it's more than it actually is.

They've spent so much time on this system that you have newer generations who model their work after these so called journalists. It's the norm now. Real gaming reviews ceased to exist after the PS2 died.

User Info: bubbub01

4 months ago#12
DarkZV2Beta posted...
You're looking at trash reviews.

There are very few decent reviewers

User Info: Setsunahenry

4 months ago#13
This is the reason why I don't want to look at the reviewers. And also, I do find plenty of reviewers saying a same things which make me feel like someone is paying for them.
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User Info: miserablegamer

4 months ago#14
Visuals are a big draw for games, but some of the best games have the simplest graphics. I think some of the reviewers are so pushed for time to get a review out first, they give the game a cursory look, and write about that, whereas people like Total Biscuit get right into the meat of the game and will give an accurate review

User Info: jakisthe

4 months ago#15
Weenie gatekeeping aside, what reviews are people talking about? I just watched the Gamespot review for DBFZ to see what TC was talking about since they tend to be fairly reviled, and they spent ~90% of the time talking about the mechanics as it related to combat, accessibility, story progression, lootboxes, etc.
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User Info: vlado_e

4 months ago#16
jakisthe posted...
Weenie gatekeeping aside, what reviews are people talking about?

Methinks people are complaining for the sake of complaining. I've yet to see a review that didn't talk about game mechanics at all. I guess there would be some but I've never encountered them so it seems like they would really niche.
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User Info: BrokenMachine85

4 months ago#17
"Reviewers" write about what gets them clicks and views. Blame your peers instead.
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User Info: loader963

4 months ago#18
DarkZV2Beta posted...
You're looking at trash reviews.

This. While I tend to avoid them, there are lots of good writers and let’s play gamers that can show/ tell you about a game. Not all the indie titles, but the ones that stick out, AAA titles, or games with at least $100 bucks in advertising should have at least a few different reviews.
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User Info: wizardmon

4 months ago#19
Classes on game theory are common? I thought my high school was odd for having classes on how to make and balance boardgames/pen&paper role-playing games.
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User Info: Lugoves

4 months ago#20
Why I mainly stick with ACG reviews. I really like Karak's format and he does a good job of covering all aspects of a game in detail.

TotalBiscuit also does a good job, but sometimes feels like he gets a little too much into things like settings, etc.
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